bmw e90 n47d20c 316d - tuning

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bmw e90 n47d20c 316d - tuning

Postby Stranger3xx » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:47 pm


Car bmw e90 316d n47d20c EU 5 116ph
using the original software (WINKFP) translated to 318d EU3 143hp. (motors are 100% identical)
DPF and the catalyst removed.

n47 143 hp + chip tuning = 170-180 hp
m47tu2 163 hp + chip tuning = 190-200 hp

I want to receive: about 200 hp

further thought:

bmw motor n47 2.0 143hp - turbine gt17
bmw motor m47tu2 2.0 163hp - turbine gt17
RENAULT motor M9R760 / M9R761 2.0L 175hp - turbine gt17

I conclude that the turbines should be enough

n47 intercooler 143 hp = Intercooler m47tu2 163hp

injectors - here the issue: the difference in their performance?
whether you can put the injectors from m47tu2 + chip tuning and get 200 hp ???

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Re: bmw e90 n47d20c 316d - tuning

Postby Bmwown91 » Tue May 07, 2024 10:10 am


Any possibility that you are still around?
I would be interested how to translate a N47D20C (316d) to a (318d).
Only changing the factory settings to have the 143hp version of the engine.


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