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Postby jbirschner » Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:17 am

Hi All,

Thank you for taking time to read this.

I have a modified 635d 286hp m57tu2 running custom biturbo GTD2056, 1 each 3 cyl, custom CP4SH299, 2700bar rail and now I replaced stock 35d injectors by a custom modified stock 2500bar injectors from Audi Sq7, ecu MD1_cp014.

You can see some videos and pics on my Instagram @e6power.

Now, with my old 35d injectors and hybrid turbos I did 475hp 920nm 8.2s 100-200 gps dragy and 4.4s 0-100, 3.3bar boost and 124mg fuel, egt was max 950c 5th 4700rpm.

I tried these new 8 holes 2500bar crs3-25 injectors a while ago and due to high egt and high emp with modified k26 I decide to wait for a biturbo project to reduce emp because I thought those injectors were super efficient and making a lot more exhaust gases and due that creating huge emp and 1000c egt.

Now 2 weeks ago I decided to use the 2500bar 8 hole injectors and make a new map from 0, car runs great 3bar for now, 2700bar rail 120mg fuel and only 840us duration, lambda is 1.1+ after 3500rpm and I don't understand why EGT is so high, full 3rd pull 850c, full 4th 950c... Car feels very responsive on 1st and 2nd, 3rd is ok but feels a bit slow at high rpm and 4th feels slower. Even with Lambda around 1.1x I can see some light smoke, weird. My emp and egt sensors are in manifold.

Injectors angle is unknow but I guess 142 degress to 153degrees.. Pistons on m57 have a bowl and audi seems to be flat. I tried different SOI values, max 24, 22, 18, 16 and not much difference only when I used the lower SOI it felt more torque but egt remained same.

Maybe need much more advanced SOI due to injector angle or much more retarded? Any help is appreciated.

Injectors are coded in my ecu edc16cp35 using 7 digits IMA.

I have logs, original map and modified if needed.

Kind Regards,

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