BMW 118d - EDC17cp02 /c06 Torque Limitation help

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BMW 118d - EDC17cp02 /c06 Torque Limitation help

Postby TdiTune » Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:20 am

Hello, I'm trying to found everything which can limit torque, but I have about 8 torque limiters and there's still something missing. There is a dump ori, read from bench mode, because of Tprot. I found something what looks like a TL but I'm not sure. Maybe I found SVTQL. Image is inside the rar file. Please, help me. Thank you. :(

Car: BMW 118d - 2010
HW: 08506434
SW: 1037501612
SW upg.: 08509567
Installation: P154 - Bosch EDC17CP02 BMW
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