Audi A3 8L ASZ

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Audi A3 8L ASZ

Postby Kr1s0 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:40 pm


Please rate my tune.
I am new at chiptuning. I have been learning for 1 month.
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Re: Audi A3 8L ASZ

Postby Edirty4 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 10:54 pm

Torque limiter is just crazy , clutch killer lol start adding iq gradually from about 1750rpm until the rpm you wish. Duration maps untouched so you won't achieve the IQ you ask for in torque limiter, dont percent increase or add random values or you will decalibrate duration. Smoke limiter is pretty soft i would aim for 16.5 afr. Make drivers wish more gradual it will feel way better to drive. Requested boost is also too much, your turbo will not like it for sure.

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