Anyone using Autel diag tools?

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Re: Anyone using Autel diag tools?

Postby Neil_V » Sun Feb 24, 2019 5:23 am

chronos wrote:Autel is by far the best value for a diagnostic tool. Snapon and Bluepoint are well behind the curve in delivering new tests. I was once a repair technician for the Heavy Duty Truck division of snapon diagnostics and I was always surprised by feats of amateurism that pervaded the company. For the prices charged to auto technicians, the company does not reinvest ANY of the profits into development. Much of the software is purchased from third party developers. The senior level software engineers are constantly moving thrrough to better positions elsewhere, leaving the Juniors to deal with maintenance coding and implementing bug fixes with their rolling release. Validation that is supposed to take place before release was often ignored and pushed to end users full of bugs. I can't count the number of control modules bricked by hurried release candidate versions.

The actual facility is miniscule in size, and in poor condition. The biggest trick they play is fudging numbers to make the executives happy, so that the share price increases and the show runners can go home with big bonuses at the expense of continuous improvement efforts.

The validation engineers were absolutely Blown away by the capabilities of the Autel devices when they were initially released. Some of the engineers remarked that autel was stealing manufacturer proprietary secrets in order to make theirs a competent product. I never bought into that theory. I think Autel is just a well funded, narrow focused company staffed by capable and energetic development teams, talented UI designers, and obviously Executives who understand that good business is Keeping the customers you already have, not dumping buggy garbage on the trucks for the marketing wank to brag about.

Interesting stuff. As an end user I'd have to say it shows. Snap-on diagnostics equipment peaked for me with the original Modis which, though expensive, was worth the investment when compared to the other bi-directional scanners of the day, and it had a 4 channel scope. But it's been downhill from there given the quality and capability of the alternatives available today, and the relative cost. You can buy an Autel, Launch and Picoscope for less than the cost of a Verus, and outside of some wierdness on a few makes (GM comes to mind) the Autel and Launch both outperform the Snap-on. I have a new Solus and it gets used the least of the bunch. It's only feature that betters my Autel or Launch is the troubleshooter and suretrack access... but I also have identifix, which is better than either of those..

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Re: Anyone using Autel diag tools?

Postby Muneer » Thu May 16, 2019 7:24 pm

Hi , I am using Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P Since 2015 , it's worth buying it .
just had one weird thing I tried to reset airbag light for Suzuki vitara 2007 but MS908P couldn't reset even though there is No Fault code detected .
airbag light stays on .

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