2006 Octavia 1 PD101 AXR Attempt #1

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2006 Octavia 1 PD101 AXR Attempt #1

Postby ORMOPL » Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:35 pm

Good day,
thats the second forum where im posting.

Firstly, after reading all basics i just compared PD101 AXR and PD130 ASZ with thougt that I could just copy data from one to the another, but it didnt worked this way, so i just left my shame in the pocket and decided to post here.

So, thats the first attempt of tuning.
I just want to be safe, because thats my daily.

DW: +2 mg/stroke in high parts. Generally, left almost untouched.
SVBL: pushed to 2400, never exeeded in maps
Boost Limit set to 2250 to make turbocharger safe.
Smoke limit set to calculated ~17AFR
TQ set to 58 mg IQ max to make torque plot smooth.

SOI, Duration and other hard maps left untouched, Even EGR is on place.

Important, car is running full stock, no changes in hardware.

In the package You got stock, "modded" and log's set just to confirm state of my kitchen.

It would be very appreciated if i get some hits, tips, or notes for my attempt.

Thank You in advance
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