VW Golf V BKC with GT1752 and p.d. units from ARL

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VW Golf V BKC with GT1752 and p.d. units from ARL

Postby Pr0f1t » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:57 pm


In addition to the title the car is equipped with 57 mm full exhaust and a downpipe. The previous owner did something like a remap, but the car was slow and was smoking through the whole rev range (including at idle). This led me to believe there is something wrong with the software. I've started playing with the edc suite and mpps v16 for the last two months and came up with the attached modded file. It's still far away from decent, but at least it's not harmful to the engine (I hope so). The attached ori file is not from my car but I think it should be the same. I'm wide open to constructive criticism.

Since I'm using edc suite only its hard for me to find all of the map addresses. I will be thankful if someone could tell me the addresses of the MAP and MAF linearisation. The used MAP sensor is 3 bar and I want to check if the linearisation is done properly.

The attached files:

1. Ori file
2. Modded by someone (&h!t IMO)
3. Modded by me
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