Problem with BitEdit - ECU do not react to the remapping

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Problem with BitEdit - ECU do not react to the remapping

Postby Rapidito » Wed May 30, 2018 7:00 pm

Hi, I'm new to the OEM ECU remapping. I purchase the BitEdit software to start working with my car. The problem that I have is the following: I read the original file from my car and then makes the changes to some maps and when I write the modified .bin file to the ECU reacts as if it had made no changes.

But if I used another .bin file that another tuner already modify, I can change it and the ECU reacts perfectly according to the changes that I made to that file.

Yesterday I try to remap the ECU of other customer, and have the same problem, I make a lot of changes in his maps and when I write the new .bin file to the ECU, it run like the stock .bin file.

It seems that the original .bin file is locked and the other tuner (he sell the remapping .bin files and I'm sure that he is not going to tell me what I'm missing here, what does I need) have another software or something that unlocked the original .bin file.

Note: when I modify the stock map, I write it to the ECU, but there is no change in the car hehavior. But then I read that file from the ECU and then open that file in BitEdit and I can still see that changes that I previously did to the maps. It’s like the changes were superficials (visibles), but do nothing in the ECU.

Is this is a common problem, any ideas?

Attached are 3 different .bin files:
a) Rapidito Stock Tune.bin is the original file without any modification.
b) Rapidito Beta Tune.bin is a modification that I do to the stock tune, but when I write it to the ECU it does nothing different.
c) Rapidito Custom Tune.bin is a file that I have from another tuner. I can edit the maps in this file and see the changes in the vehicle. I have gains of +50HP and +79lb*ft with this tune. The problem is that some vehicles do not accept this file even being the same model/year as mine. I need to be able to modify the Original file.
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