Polo 1.4 BNM

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Polo 1.4 BNM

Postby moffa13 » Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:28 am

Hi friends !

I will show you my last remap I'm now using for 3 months. Please give detailed explanations about everything that could be improved.

The thing I'm not sure with are durations/soi. For now I only changed durations.

To change it, I simply divide it by the corresponding amount of mg then multiply by the new one.
I've also seen people who get the difference between for example 50 and 55mg then apply the same difference for 60.

I don't know which one to use or if there is a better way to calculate it (pretty sure there is :lol:)

For the soi, if I advance it, it will start to inject sooner (piston going up), right ?
What will cause too much advance ?
What will cause too much retard ?

I know that there is a physical limit (35 BTDC). For me at 90C coolant, max iq, soi is between 13 and 24,5 so I don't care about this limit.

Why is it dangerous to mess with soi ?
How can I increase power with this current file ?

Thank for your replies ;)
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Re: Polo 1.4 BNM

Postby Pr0f1t » Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:57 am

I have not seen your file but you must avoid playing with the SOI if you are not familiar with the limits of the engine. If you increase the SOI too much you will put a lot of stress to the main and the big end bearings. It will be expensive. If you decrease SOI below stock values you will lose power. When adjusting the durations you must calculate the EOI which after 6-7 deg ATDC will gain only smoke and higher EGT.

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