Not correct working the 19DTH fuel system.

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Not correct working the 19DTH fuel system.

Postby bizi10 » Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:26 pm

Hello, some time ago I was tune up the car (Astra h TT 19DTH) and there was a small problem. Despite the increase in the fuel dose, the fuel system did not respond to it, generally the fun ended at 167 km, later it simply did not provide the right amount of fuel despite increasing the dose in the controller. I can't find the reason, the fuel filter was replaced some 4000 km ago. It happens that from time to time after the night it will not start the engine with full force, only the starter performs an additional rotation, only one turn of the key. When I do it twice it always starts nicely. Due to the above, I have collected op com logs at the start-up at night and in the range of revolutions, there is a picture of the dynamometer chart, the series cast 151km egr, flaps, dpf OFF. Personally, I do not see any deviations, maybe someone on the forum notices something bad and characteristic.!AoyJXeLZu6TEmCJpzmNOmDvvq3v4

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