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need help Delphi CRD. 11 Mercedes W204 2,2CDI


Have big problem Ecu DELPHI Common Rail DCM3.2 DEAD that doesnt communicate no visable damage from opening or soldering. Car doesnt crank at all, only accept key and turn ignition on. Tryed connect Galleto V54 too BDM , but write after tryng to read " Micro wont supported" :
Cheked wiring ,jumpers all ok .
K-tag V7.020 tryed , with adapter AD02 , one and two jumpers too read ecu via bdm , but ...
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EDC16cp34 Hint

EDC16cp34 a little help if you are going to load an incorrect flash file on this ecu.
and you then load the correct software again and you can not start the engine.
it's because when the wrong software is loaded, the diesel fuel pump runs the wrong way and makes air in the diesel system
but just turn the key for 20 sec and your engine starts
just a hint
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Bora 1J 2.0 AZH ecu recover help 0261206908 1037360924

Hello, today we tried to remove lambda from my friend car VW BORA 2.0 115hp AZH 2001, car is from USA i think. I used Kess v2 and we read it with 38family protocol. When i tried to read it shown that unknown ecu i still procceded risking to brick, but after reading it shown checksum error, and then unrecoverable error. We still continued, modified file with lambda remover and do not modified checksum with ...
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VW touran 2.0 tdi EDC16 wrong file flash recovery HELP

Hello mates,

Has anyone recovered from similar situation or can give me any hints what to do.
I made simple mistake and now my immo is active.

- I read tuned encrypted file from friends octavia with mpps also 2.0 tdi - decrypted it
- I made little changes in winols to my ori file while I had both files open
- I made mistake and saved NEW file from my friends file, not my ...
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Blocked ecu on ford galaxy 2012

hi all i have blocked my ecu by loading the wrong file onto it, now i carnt connect to my ecu in any way.
just after some advice on best way to put my original map back onto it.
thanks in advance
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HELLLPPPP! audi a4 ppd 1.3 not starting

today i read the file off my ecu fine, i then sent my ecu away to be modified so stage 1 egr delete and dpf delete, i wrote the new file to the ecu the original file was a full 2mb file and so was the modified file, it wrote to the ecu fine but didnt start just turned over, i then tried to put the original file back on and still the same thing, ...
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EDC15P+ Recovery


Octavia 1u5 1.9 TDI AXR
038 906 016 PB
I bought another ECU for gaining some knowledge.
First of all I turned off IMMO and checked on car. Everything was okay
Then I got one mistake and put org. 019NC instead of proper 019PB.
With no tryouts on car EDC Started properly on table, so i put modified flash. On table - everything is okay.

After solving problem with checksums in VAG EDC Suite ...
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BMW MS42 AD version virgin file to write with VIN/ISN

Hello to all

I am trying to write a spare BMW MS42 with a virgin file that includes the ISN and VIN of the original dme. I have modified the virgin file with my car’s VIN/ISN but Jmflasher will not write this file. I have used the ultimo checksum utility and it says the following: check zones: 2 corrected:0. So, is this indicative that the checksum needs to be corrected?

I have no problems writing ...
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Swap ecu - flash file

hello i have a 2006 passat 2.0 tdi , now i want to buy used ecu for test my mods , if i copy flash file from my ecu to used car ecu will my car start ?
or would i need the skc immo keys of both ecu to adapt using ros vcds , even if i copy files ?
other question : Is the instrument cluster immo key the same of ecu immo ...
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Isuzu DMax not starting

Hi there, I ready do hope someone here would be able to help me, I drive a Isuzu Dmax 3.0 2017 and I’ve done a file on it and when the vehicle had to go for the service under service plan I by accident loaded the wrong file onto the vehicle. Now it says Check system on the dash and not starting, when I try to ID again or Read it will say HW reading ...
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