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Astra G DI ori need

Hi all i need original or egr off file for this car .SW can not find enywhere....

if there is eeprom content will be great!Eeprom is 24C02!

Engine: X20DTL
HW Ver.: BOS 010501
SW upg.: 90562574.03

HW: 0281001674
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Mitsubishi L200 4d56t SH7058 Cloning Advise Please?

Please can someone advise on how to clone ori ecu to new?

I have both files and my Stage 3 to go on new.

Original reads with Foxwell but has a microcontroller fault, hence no start.

Plug new ecu in and I can't read with Engine or VIN with Foxwell. Also EML is on with it connected.

I have Piasini Serial Suite Master and Galleto V54.

Help much appreciated as car has not started in ...
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Bricked Siemens SID 801A by OBD

Hi! I've been stuck trying to solve a problem for days. I flashed a SID 801A via mpps v18 and in my rush I forgot to correct the checksum of the file and now the car isn't starting. Mpps can't write back ori file in any mode. After endless tries I opened the ecu and I managed to connect to it via KTAG in boot mode. When I read the backup it gives me an ...
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Bizarre ME7.5 Hexdump

What would cause an ME7.5 hexdump to look like this? A bit more info: i'm not entirely sure what the origin of this PCB is but I had it laying around so I figured I'd mess with it. Initially I was unable to connect to it on bench in any sort of OBD mode like I normally would be able to. Switched over to bootmode reading and was able to successfully read both the 95040 ...
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EDC16C35 bricket with Mpps v18

Hi guys,

I decided to modify my ECU, so I took a file with Mpps v18, full data via OBD.
I got the file that seemed to be correct. File was modified and while I was trying to load it to ECU (voltage above 13V, auto mode - so it went for CAN) it asked me if I wanted to do checksum correction, so I agreed. Then it was displaying "erasing flash" for few minutes ...
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Bosch Med 9.1 2.0TFSI 2007 cupra

Hello. I reflashed ECU with wrong SW and HW version with Kess V2 Master - china. Reflash went through correctly. But after turning the ignition off and on the maxidot on dash board show immobilizer active and engine cannot start. The ECU cannot reflash back with original SW and HW map with Kess via OBD - K suite shows error during write, read went through correctly. After my friend reflash ecu with BDM - load ...
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Edc15p Mpps v18

Hi all,

Ive had trouble before with, mpps v13 and v16 with edc15p. I now have mppsv18 and i am wondering when you brick an edc15p ecu with mpps how do you recover it. As i tried recovery mode in the past with v13 and had no joy.

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EDC16u34 Mpps v18 problem

Hello. I have the following problem. I flashed my ecu on an audi a3 8p 1.9 tdi several times with Mpps and there was never a problem. Recently I tried to flash again, everything was fine, 100% done, no bugs yet engine won't start. When I flash the previous setup the engine starts well. Checksums checked in winols. Anyone have any idea? I will add that I was using Mpps v18.
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Need full BDM 1.9TDI 03G906016BC Golf 1.9 TDI DSG

hi, like in topic need this files

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VW Passat EDC16U31 - bricked by KTAG Service Mode

Hello, i have bricked ECU EDC16U31. I have made a read of the batch on which the car does not start, I get the message "send to software provider", so I send it to you. what to do next?
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