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Sensor check delete by reprogramming ECM

Looking to disable some sensor checks by reprogramming the ecm. I'm a computer guy not a car guy if anyone could lead me in the right direction that'd be much appreciated
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Re: Tips to prevent your car from overheating

interesting way to get your post count up lol
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What's my eeprom type?

Hi folks, I have a Kia optima 3, 2013, euro spec. 1.7 diesel. I have the 'super vision" instrument cluster. I want to buy an obd mileage tool but I don't know what eeprom type I have. How do I find out without disassembly? Or does anyone know this information already?

Kia Optima   24C16
Kia Optima   D70F3421
Kia Optima   D70F352X
Kia Optima   D70F3536
Kia Optima   D70F35XX
Kia Optima   NEC ...
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NTC Sensor


I have a question, I am using a bosch sensor 0280130037 for measuring my oil temperature.
I have this sensor connected to the 5v sensor system of my ecu and I can measure via an analog input.

Now I measure via that input values between 4645Mv (with cold engine) and 4957Mv (after a race). Now I would like to know exactly how many degrees this is.
Can this be calculated from the NTC values? ...
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missing resistor

Hi. Is anybody know value of this resistor ecu15c3 0 281 010 784. Somebody was messing about and took this out. Thank you
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GM Opel accounts,Autelmaxysis update and help with programmn

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MHHAuto help!

Hey, (please delete if not allowed)

does someone have an account on mhhauto?
i need a pdf of this post:
maybe someone is able to send me this!

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Hello. Can anyone briefly explain the program operation of lamda, egr, dpf removal. I know that for someone it may be a trivial question, but I am just starting my adventure with mechanics, thank you in advance for all the answers. greetings
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Where can I find guides for mapping on EDC15, EDC16, etc.

Hello to everyone.
I've seen several posts in which "guide for EDC15" or other variants of EDC was mentioned. And in this post (sorry, dunno how to make links inside forum) mentioned, that
there are several tuning guides on the forum

So, I currently don't know where to find them. Please, can somebody point me?
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Radio RCD 300 decoding

Hi everyone.
I bought a new car and i don't have radio code.
Anyone can decoding this radio ?
I upload the serial.
1K0 035 186 T
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