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help needed

i hope that am posting in the right section, am totally new to ecu remapping i used to tune Megasquirt 1&2 fuel and spark so i know how the engine operates and what are the attributes needed to start the engine and also squeeze it but i've never dealt with a stock ecu maps or how can i get into it so am wondering how can i get the access to those maps to alter ...
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Enable cruise control high

Hello im new here,
I would like to enable GRA_HIGH on my polo 1,6 tdi Cayc. soo is it possible to see the set speed in the tacho. i know that vw golf, etc with same engine have it enabled.

would anyone like to help me please? :roll: :thumbup:

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Vw 3.0 TDI ED 16CP34

Hi guys i need so help. I am having a problem with a vehicle. it came in after it was tuned before and it come to remove the dpf. I have a P106B error code for the throttle valve. which is strange is that i have put this throttle valve in another vehicle and it works fine. i have also tried loading the stock file and still i jave the same error code. when i ...
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my YouTube channel

Hi, I created a channel on YouTube about chip tuning, programs, adapters and programming ... k6Z7jEjhJQ
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EDC16C34 ECU issue

Is it normal the ECU software doesn't report two injectors corrections values or report them incorrectly on some EDC16C34 ECUs.
Someone told me try to update the ECU software. Maybe it is supported in newer versions but not guaranteed. This is an old issue I experience but I really don't know if this come out before or after my ECU remap back in 2015 or always was there.

This is not an hardware issue as ...
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How to tell what ecu a Ford Truck has


I'm trying to find out what ecus Ford uses for some of their trucks/mustangs. I have a small dump of Ford .a2l file and I'm trying to figure out what cars they go to and if any of them are of use to me.

Here are some of the cars I'm interested in

2013 Mustang V6 - Software# DR3A-14C204-HH

2014 F150 V8 0 - Software# EL3A-14C204-ADA

2018 F150 V8 - Software# JL3A-14C204-BCF

2015 F150 ...
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clear airbag

please clear airbag focus 028500152 4M5T 14B056BJ ST95080
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Remapping the regen process

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had considered modifying the regen process.

For example on my 407 2.2 HDi (EDC16CP34) a regen triggers at about 66% soot load, the exhaust gets up to about 450 degrees, and the car feels down on power, growls, and drinks fuel. However, on our 508 2.0 140 (DCM34_P) a regen triggers at about 70%, the exhaust gets up to about 600 degrees, and I barely notice it.
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Same hw number different sw number

I have some files in database, is it possible to write file with same hw number but diferent sw number to car ecu? Will car start after this, or sw and hw number must be the same?
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Copy file from one to other ECU EDC16U

Not yet tested, but a question

two simular cars, same engine, same year.

If I need to get maps from one to other ecu, I can read and write, or its not so easy? (read by kess)

If not, what need to do? Make a map pack on winols? or somethong else?

Big thanks you! ;)
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