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Live data in winols/tunerpro

Hi. Can someone explain how to connect and launch live data in winols/tunerpro? Im trying to identify some maps and i think best way is to see whats changing. I have recorded Log file and i dont know how to use it.
1. How to connect car to see live data
2. How to use already recorded data.
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File from another car


I have a touran 1,9Tdi 105ps from 2006 Stock ecu.
My Friends Touran 1,9tdi 105ps Facelift from 2007 has a remapped
File on his ecu.

I have read his ecu, now can i Flash his file to my ecu?
Or will i Brick my ecu.

In Winols it Looks different.

Thanks for answering
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Complete solution for tuners that offer their services to ot

Complete solution for tuners that offer their services to other tuners we provide an easy to use (Software as a Service) where your customers can register, buy credits and submit their file services. No need to develop your own billing and submission systems.
Instant billing
Set your tuning options
Completing a file service
Define your own prices
Support tickets
Simply link from your own site
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Golf 7 GTD primary injection in cylinder 3

Hello to all.

I've a golf mk7 gtd, engine EA288 2.0 tdi 184 "CUNA".

I have some issues in the car and VW can't solve my problem.

I found that in cylinder 3 primary injecton is advanced 12º in idlle.

In movement, just in deceleration, the variation is between -12º to -18º.

In the other cylinders is remais 0º.

With the help of vag-com 15.7 i found that in the module "engine":
location 122, the ...
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Hi all,

I have managed to delete my project file whilst modifying it, does anyone know how to recover it? I have an older version I can access but I know I have made many new discoveries and I really don't want to go through all that again.

Any help will be much appreciated :)

Its Winols by the way...
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Fan problem AUDI TT 2.0 TFSI 211cp HELP!

Hello.. I have a problem with an audi TT 2013 2.0 tfsi CESA 211cp engine,
whenever I turn ingnition on the fans start to turn like crazy
even the car is cold and even with the engine on, after I turn ignition
off after like 1 minute they stop.I have changed all the water bulbs the one from
engine and the one from radiator, changed the big fan wich has the
fan module built in, ...
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I need 24c16 bin, for steering Renault megane.. Can Help?

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Audi A3 2.0 tdi BKD ecu issue

Make: AUDI
Model: A3 SE TDI
Year: 2004
Engine Size: 1968 (BKD)
Part No: 03G 906 016 G

Just wondering if anyone has any pointers where to look for possible component failure on this ecu with these symptons as heard they do have 5v issues

Fault information: Run the vehicle for 5 -10 minutes all is fine but leave it to get up to running temperature and it fails to start when cranking but ...
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Reading Siemens ppd1.2 bdm

As the title suggests I'm struggling to find any information or a guide to get a bdm read of my siemens ecu, I've been searching forum and Google but always end up with Bosch ecu guides. Im wanting the bdm read so I can put it into the siemens software so I can look and understand what's going on with my map. I'm using galletto v54 and have got the obd flash off no problem ...
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ECU update

I have a 2004 Jetta TDI Auto Sedan. I have had the recall to have the 7v ceramic glow plugs replaced with 5v steel glow plugs + ecu update. There was a recall for the recall because the 5v glow plugs have issues starting in cold weather. Then recall expired. I have bought the 7v glow plugs plus the controller. I want to update the ecu to 7v glow plugs. I understand that I need ...
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