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unsure if this is possible or where to post

hi guys, have been let down by 6 people with this specific problem they all say they can and will but never show up.... so have decided to have a go myself.

have a bmw at my workshop came in as non runner, ecu has been swimming but can still communicate via obd port and have now put it in boot mode and read the ecu. have got second hand ecu to essentially clone the ...
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adjust counter speed


I have a counter of a vw passat that should indicate 7 km/h more at 100 km/h.

here i have the eeprom data of the counter. I tried to adjust it with a program but with no result does anyone know how to adjust it and what I'm doing wrong?

Because the tires are a lot bigger, I would have liked it to be adjusted so that the fuel consumption meter is also correct.
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Edc15c2 diagnostics

Hi, have a Peugeot with edc15. The car lost a ground wire and blew the ecu. New ecu fitted and immo chip swapped and car runs fine.
Obd diagnostics works fine but anything more advanced will not read the ecu at all (pp2000 etc) Kline and l line have no voltage on them. There is good continuity to the ecu pins 38 and 10 to pin 6 etc on diag port for the two lines. ...
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Whassap group in Spanish, for help and discusions.

Hi friends.

I have found this group of Whassap in Spanish about switchboards, airbags etc ... and I wanted to share it with you, there is not much to see things in Spanish so it will surely suit you.

If this post bothers me, it is not my intention to undermine the forum, just to give a little help in another language for those who speak Spanish and find it difficult to express themselves in ...
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WhatsApp Group for beginners

Have created a WhatsApp group for helping beginners in this business.
We share experiences and help each others as much as we can.
This Is a "No Selling" group, spammers will be kicked without warning.

Join us today.

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[news]Mercedes-Benz Onboard Logic Unit source code leaked

:shock: I'm not condoning sharing of proprietary information, just found this story interesting and wanted to share (the story) with ya'll:

I just found this out recently: back in 2020, an individual managed to download over 580 Git repositories containing the source code of the Onboard Logic Units installed in mercedes vans from DaimIer's Gitlab servers. Who knows, maybe one day these files will surface and make our ...
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Software sharing.

Working on somethings here now and need some people to test this on.
Send me a pm if you want to help me test my solution for me.
Need 10-20 people.

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Chaning SW number

Hey im pretty much brand new to this, buy i buyed a package of tuning files, but it wont wright, i think it might have something to do with the SW numbers not matching up even tho it's just the right engine and ECU from what i can tell. is there some easy way to make it right with WinOLS ? thanks in advance
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Clonin Security Dongles

Have a project here im working on, if you have any knowledge about this.
Dropp me a pm.
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Listing Damos

Trying to make a list of my Damos to have controll over thins?
Its easy if its only files in a folder.
But i have a folder for each damos so really i want to list only the folders.
If i list the files in the folders too i think its a messy list.
Any good Ideas?
I do not want a list like this, only list the folders. ...
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