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307 2.0 HDi RHS ECU


I have 307 2.0 HDi 110 from 2002. Thing is, right now it uses C5 2.0 HDi ECU. So I want proper ECU for it but honestly I have no idea which one I should have. Or what's the difference between all of them.

EDC15C2 0281010779
EDC15C2 0281011081
EDC15C2 0281011248

Are they year related? Or engine equipment? For sure all of them are for engine with FAP. Can someone elaborate?

Thanks in advance.
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Nissan elgrand e51 pinout help

Good day
Can anyone help with pin out for the following
Ignition swith pins / wiring diagram
Bcm pins / wiring diagram
Jobd pins / wiring diagram
Driver control unit pins / wiring diagram
Pic is of nissan 350z
Regards theo
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Building base tune from scratch

I have a 2006 yamaha r6 engine that I'm trying to turbocharge. It will need a new ecu, I was thinking a microsquirt or something similar but I can't find any base tunes that I could load to get it running. Is there a way to make a base tune from which to start based on engine parameters such as air flow, compression ratio, bore, stroke, injectors, etc? This is a budget project so I'm ...
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Audi PD130 No power gain after tune

recently i tried to mod PD130 AVF file,
I tried to do 'last touch' to the file and i totally messed up, car returned with it`s power to stock 130hp and i can`t see what causes problem, i know that Boost map IQ axis is messed up but even repairing it didn`t gave anything more than 130 hp,

any ideas what else is messed up?

Thanks in advance!
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pinout ME7.5 06A 906 032 HN


can someone help me with the electrical diagram of a ME7.5 (06A 906 032 HN)?
I have a problem with the spark of cilinder 1.
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Rookie looking to learn

I'm very new to all of this.
I will be practicing on one of my cars.
I am using winols (not full version)
And kessv2
I have a Saab 93 1.9 150bhp.
Does anyone have any advice or can help me learn a bit about tuning.
Iv blanked the egr and I'm looking to tune it to get more power and obviously delete the egr.
This may sound easy to some but I am just ...
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Bosch MED 17.2, MEVD 17.2.2 & MEVD 17.2.7 Tricore Tuning

I am a novice at this tuning and software engineering stuff but I am smart enough to know that this is out of my league. Can anyone can offer advise or point me in the right direction for my project.
I am the owner of a performance parts company and want to take our existing re-flash and tuning business to the next level. The Bosch MED 17.2, MEVD 17.2.2 & MEVD 17.2.7 DMEs are the ...
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Very Handy Extension for this forum

Hi all,

I made a small chrome extension just for this forum. Its totally free and doesn't need any weird permissions or anything.

It allows you to set your engine, transmission, ecu etc for uploading a file so it autofills for you every time or else you can clear and just leave them all blank and still upload if you are sharing a picture or similar. It works for PM's and forum posts and saves ...
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Which map? EDC15C


I did only edc15p, there were not a few maps at once. Which maps should I modify? DW1, DW2, DW3? TL1, TL2, TL3 ...?
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MSA15(68Pin) to EDC15(121Pin) Adapter

Hello Guys!

I´m new here at and already reading and searching for much information for my project car.
I´m working on an VW Mk3 Syncro which i first engine swapped from the 1.9tdi 1z with wastegate turbo,
to the 1.9tdi AFN with vtg turbo.

Now as i built an selmade exhaust manifold for running an 3.0tdi turbo which was changed from elctronical to negative preasure, an frontmount intercooler bigger nozzles and a bigger pumphead ...
Read more : MSA15(68Pin) to EDC15(121Pin) Adapter | Views : 606 | Replies : 1


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