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Hello guys!
Maybe someone can help me.
I've read out that car above.

Now my problem is, which unit do I have here? I have a boost map with Load and RPM, but which unit is the map about? How can I calculate it to a unit to work with?

It's weird that every map is refered to RPM and Load. I just had other maps before. I hope you can help me! ...
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Help! Enable GRA

hello, maybe someone can help me to activate the gra+ so it can show on in the tacho like the golf have it??? please!!
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speed limit removal ford transit

does anyone no if the speed limit can be removed from this ford transit
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EDC17 Tuning Guide

I hope to help someone
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Calculating 100% Available Engine Load

I have a custom build going on and I am planning to build my own ignition advance module. To do this I will need to know what the maximum load available for the engine I am using. I have tried to find the formula to calculate this but as yet I have had no joy.

Can anyone help me out with the formula or calculation to achieve this figure?

Thanks, Daniel.
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Few questions about maps in EDC15C0 200 CDI.

Hey Guys!

So ive been fiddling abit with a w202 om611 200 cdi file for a while and i have encountered a few "walls". I have few maps that im really not sure about what they do because the numbers on them seem so weird. I have done many w203 om611-613 remaps but the dw seems to be diffrent on this "oldest" om611 than on the newer om611. W203 om611 has 3 dw maps to ...
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EDC16 Bosch Manual

I hope someone has bosch edc16 service manual for remapping
map factors and mg or mm3... etc

can anyone upload it please because I couldnt find it on google and some search area.

Thanks and king regards.
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Help, No power after Remap


I recently went to remap a MB b180 cdi W245. the write finished successfully and the car turned on but it wont go over 2000rpm, the gas pedal just falls through and there is no power so i put it original map back so i could be driven normally while i try to find a solution. previous to this occasion i did an almost identical B180cdi W245 just 2-4 years old with a very ...
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VW Passat 2.5tdi 180hp EDC15 has 8 codeblocks?!

Hey guys,
a friend of mine asked me to tune his passat.
looking over the data i realized there are !!8!! sets of Maps. 5 right in the beginning and 3 at he end of the data.
should i change all 8 datablocks?
or only the 3 in the end? those could be for manual/auto/4x4. But what are the others for?
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m383 vag scale injectors

hi all i need to scale 630cc injector on old m383 ecu from 1.8t
can anybody share info about do this??
i think correct is reescale fuel maps to lower injector to match bigger injectors and FGATO map for calibrate the constant
do im correct??
any help will be appreciated

attached original file and .kp

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