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Mercedes EDC16C2/C31 boost limiter!


Ive been trying to figure out is there somekind of svbl/boost limiter on edc16 mercs? ive modified the 2 boost x iq limiting maps, temp correction map and requesting 1.75 bar but only getting 1.6 max. Ive heard two stories, some say mercs edc16 doesnt have svbl but someone says there is 1x16 map limiting boost but i havent found one. there is lot of 1x16 maps with last values of 2250 but that ...
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edc15p Diagnostic Limit

Hello, I can't deal with the diagnostic limits on golf 4 ARL, can anyone help and change the IQ 100mg, Boost 4bar, torque 550Nm limiters Or share the mappack to the driver 038906019FE 0281010744 362706
Its my private car not money work
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PSA 2.0 HDI 163 DCM 3.5 Inverted Map of Fuel Flow Question

I have identified most of the relevant maps for my 2.0 HDI 163 using the 407 Damos as a reference. i am confused about the 6 mapped listed as Inverted map of fuel mass flow. The x-axis is RPM, Y Axis mg/str and Z is Nm.

Am I right in assuming this is used as a torque to IQ lookup table. If so would the remap file i have accually reduce IQ as the torque ...
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w211 edc16c2 map calibration

Can anyone help me to calibrate 4 bar. map sensor 0261230439?
here is ori file

W211 orig.rar
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torque limit curve

I have a simple question regarding TQ curve.
In the enclosed picture you can see the ori (the blue one below in the picture) curve from a 1.9 JTD FIAT engine and a tuned one (jiust for studies purposes).
I wonder why the original curve is not nice and flat but it has a couple of small pikes?
Is there a specific reason to this?
Thank you.
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axis factor boost map 1.4 AMF

Hi Everyone,
A total beginner here, so my apologies if this is obvious and Ive missed it in my reading. I thought my boost map looked a little odd so I had look at a map from another car. For the Audi A2 I have the boost map axes go from 3 to 26 for IQ and from 0 to 3000 for rpm. On a skoda map for the same engine, ...
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Tuning in the beginning

Hey Guys,

i hope that all of you are good.

i try to understand how an engine is working and what possibilities i have, to make a professionel tune without to destroy the engine.

my problem is that after i read all the tutorials ( ... ne-control) and look many videos, i not understand how to work with winols.

as example i have uploaded a original BMW E46 File ...
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Edc16 bmw help needed

Hi everyone,
As I say in the title, I need some guidance on Edc16, if anyone could help with that.
I've been studying some edc15's and just started with 16's..
I've found some information about it but all resume to vag cars..
Today I've got my first file from a bmw e46 of a friend to improve some knowledge but when I open it in WinOls can't understand nothing
Many thanks
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Hello. formula for stoichiometric calculation?

can anyone help me with the calculation formula for stoichiometers?
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