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How to remove immo and key adaptation

Touran 2.0 tdi 2004 BKD dash pin


I have new used ecu with immo off edc16u1. I have only 1 correct key that doesnt give immo error in dash.
Vag tacho 5.0 says wrong seed-key. I red forums and it looks like my dash is 24c16 that my tool doesnt support.

What options do I have to get immo pin ? What tools do I need with this dash ?

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2013 hyundai pin code

I need pin code for 2013 hyundai genessis vin : KMHHT6KD8CU074921
please help, thank you
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Audi A4 B5 troublemaker

Hey guys, I have this A4 B5 which causes me heaps of troubles.
First off, it's not a regular old A4 B5, this one is swapped with a 2.7T from an Audi A6.
I've rebuilt the entire engine and am better with wrenches than the computer-flashing situation.
I've tried for hours on end to read all the files from my ECU, which didn't seem to go anywhere.
I had another ECU with another number which ...
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Possible to get a immo2 ecu working with immo3 cluster?


Want to install cruise control in my 03’ Lupo GTI (immo3) with Simos ECU 036 906 033 E.
The original Lupo GTI ecu does not support cruise control activation.
Have gotten my hands on a 1998 polo 6n GTI ecu 036 906 033 A(same engine as in the Lupo gti), which features Cruise control activation. However this is a immo2 system. Is it possible to get past the immo?

Advice/guidance greatly appreciated:)
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Can anybody exctract ISN from my dump MS40.1?

FILE LINK:!ZwkA2IYA!Gu5o3zrr9X3K ... qtNp4Kc9gg

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Peugeot 306 2.0 Bosch MP5.2 immo off help

Hi Forum guys,

Please help if anybody is facing this problem. I lost my keys and the car don't start.

The car is not started, and fuel pump not working, and no commonication on OBD. (fuel pump works with direct 12V I checked it)
With the PP2000 lexia doesn't want to communicate with it, and I don't able to teach keys.

Car: Peugeot 306 2.0 16v
Year: 2000
Engine: Petrol engine, RFV (engine code) ...
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MK5 Golf ppd 170 ecu immo to bkd 140 ecu

Hi all first post on here.

How do I retain my key and immobiliser if I swap my ppd 170 Siemens to bkd 140 bosch. I have vcds only. Do I need to remove the immo chip inside to swap?
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can someone please help with immo to bmw mss50
i have read both memory intel AB28F200
thanks lotttt
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HDI PSA EDC15C2 1plug immo off

Hi forum mates,

I have a spare ECU for Peugeot 206 HDI RHY 90 Hp.
EDC15C2 1 plug version.
I would like to get a help how can I make immo off it.

Here is 5p08c3 Eprom read
And Flash 29F400

I would like to learn how to do it correctly

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audi a3 edc16u1 immo off help

hello all could some one help find pin code on this file or disable immmo please.
file read from eeprom

many thanks
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