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EDC16C9 DTC understanding

Hello. Trying to understand how edc16c9 works in opel (this is my first and most analyzing ecu).

So, i found
Map1. 4x242 table that contains fault codes (CARB specific fault code for fault path XXXX).

Map2. 1x242 table that contains fault codes. (Diagnostic Trouble Code customer specific for fault path XXXX).

Map3 (8bit view). 1x242 fault class table . (Fault Class for fault path XXXX).

So, if i want to disable DTC, as i know ...
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Some questions, Alfa 159 1.9 JTDM,


Last year I almost finished the project for my car and went to a proper tuner. Car gave me 262HP 550Nm torque. But He cannot go beyond 200km/h. But I found a guy who can read the file for me. And started to learn EDC16 tuning since then.

Car setup is this :

Totally new design 72mm Inlet - Billet Intake Manifold
304 - Billet Exhaust Manifold
GTB2060VKLR with Billet GTX - GEN II ...
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How do I know what ECU I have?

I own a 2010 Audi A4 Quattro with a 170HP engine and I've just got my Kess v2 delivered from china.

I thaught it would be just plug and play, so I got an old computer and installed windows 7 32-bit on. And installed the included. But when connecting to the car it will not read the information and it wants to know what ecu I have. I was hoping I could just write in ...
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[Help] Smart Fortwo CDI

Good afternoon, I have the original file of my car and one already edited but this edited seems to maintain the speed limit. That is, the original file I was able to exceed 160km / h and with the edited does not exceed 150km / h. Who can help me? I do not understand anything about winols.
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Hi guys, I would like an info, I made the reading with mpps of a edc15 of a fiat stylus, I found that the file is already modified (egr closed) I came a doubt, saw mpps edc15 does not correct automatic cks, I know that the original file if you do not make changes once read can be rewritten as it is because it has no problems with cks.
The question I ask you, the ...
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Need org E60 3.0d 218hp

Need org E60 3.0d 218hp
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me7 checksum please

Stage2++ Bosch 98ron.bin


I am still trying to figure out the plugin for the checksum with tunepro but I need these fixed so I can drive my car, could someone please help me by correcting these files"?
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Bmw 320d e46 150hp Smoke after remap

Hello guys, I've paid for a custom remap for my e46 and I need your opinion if it's made well.
The problem that I encountered is if the car stays in the sun, or out there is very hot weather, the car is smoking and I feel that I lose some power. If the weather is not too hot and at night, the car is very powerful.
I want to mention that I have the ...
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Alfa 156 2.5 V6 24V Euro 4 ecu

Hi everybody,
does somebody know wich ecu was used in Euro 4 version of 156 2.5 V6 engine? The Euro 3 uses 0261204705 but i need to upgrade to Euro 4.
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Bosch MP5.2

My wife have peugeot 406c 2.0 16V with ecu as above. Since parts (including ECU) are cheap I want to mess around and learn how to dump, remap and upload ecu binaries on that car. :D
First: what tools(except screwdrivers and wrenches :D) do I need to dump binary properly from that ECU?
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