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audi s3 8l 1.8t 210ps need remap

helllo mate

i need remap for s3 8l



many thanx
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Golf 6 1.6 tdi 105 hp Hesitation Problem


i have an unknow problem on this car.

due to breakage HP pump they were changed : injectors new (adapted with vas), hp pump (valeo), diesel filter, rail, rail pressure sensor, rail pressure regulator, all low pressure pipeline, low pressure pump, tank wash...the car have dieselgate software 03L997557M_9983, i have vcp genuine and old software 03L906023B_5863 but i dont know the procedure to restore old comment for vcp support!

i send video of ...
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Unable to write Stock ecu bin file to ecu


I bright a car with lots of issue , the main one been it was remapped in a map and possible on another map with fault codes and egr deleted .
I’ve downloaded the original manufacture stock ecu file from ecubin and would like to write this to my car .
I have Kess v2 clone which works very well at ready my car and writing back to it .
I’m just unable to ...
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Car won't start after flashing canned tune

Hello guys, I recently had a problem after flashing a file from one of those chiptuning websites, this is what happened.
I read my original with autotuner obd and they sent their modified file, after flashing that file through obd it bricked my ecu, after installing it via boot it was successful but the car didn't start so I had to flash back to original.
A week goes by and after some back and forth ...
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Writing to EDC15P+


I'd like to flash the ECU of an Volkswagen Passat 1.9TDI (EDC15P+) with a Kess v2 clone over OBD.
Is it necessary to put a battery charger on the car or rather bad? If I need a charger, can you suggest (a cheap) one?

Any tips?

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FGTech and EDC16

Hello guys,

I think I can understand the reason why soo many writes can fail as it depends on how the tool handles the checksum, So it would be good for others to share their knowledge here.

I read EDC16U3 through OBD with no problems (2MB). As I understand, FGTECH handles the checksum itself on write.

Does FGTECH want MOD file with untouched checksum and synchblocks? Or should synchblocks be corrected before write but leave ...
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Kess v2 checksum error

Hi, today try to read edc17c42 via obd with kess v2 and when it finish save the file but say to me checksum error and close kess suite.
Someone knose help me? Thank you
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Initial Help

Hello everyone!
I am quite new to ecu remapping and after 2 weeks of reading and searching on the internet i decided that I also want to start to reprogam my ECU's.

I think I have a quite good knowledge regarding cars and engines, but now i want to dive deeper in this thematics.

To make it a little bit easyier, I want to start on a Diesel engine, more specific: A Kia Sorento JC ...
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"Tuning" by ECU swap (MED9.1)

Hi guys,

the story in short. Due to a turbo (k03) defect I reduilt my BWA engine straight to an CDLB (TTS) engine and my Idea was, just to buy a TTS ECU from ebay to get may baby running again.....

Back from my garage and for anybody who thinks about doing the same - I must tell you - I dind't go :-(

Immo off - ...
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I want to consult a question about WINOLS

My car is DELCO ECU. I try to learn how to use the WINOLS to set-up my vehicle. But there is no relevant knowledge can in the BBS for my reference. Who can teach me how to find the MAP to define its translation software hope someone can see understand what I said
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