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03H 906 032 DQ - Recode to Manual Transmission + De Immo


I have a BWS Engine we are transplating in to a Older Vehicle

HW: 04

I am waiting for my BDM Frame to arrive so I can take a full read of the ECU on the Bench so we can remove the immobiliser from the ECU

Has anyone got a Manual Transmission file to suit this ECU or is able to remove the "DSG Requirement"

Will upload the File as soon ...
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How do I create launch control on golf 5 bkd edc16u1?

Looking to add lc to my file but so confused where to edit?

Read about maps with speed/ratio and conversion factors but still struggling. A few audi cars have it built in but where?

Here are my TL but I don't know what each one represents;


My idea is to have LC at 2500 RPM when 1st is selected, clutch down. Can tc button ...
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Alfa romeo 2.4 jtdm 200hp smoke map

Hello guys anyone explain me how to calculate smoke map I change some maps dw, boost map, svbl.
I think no needed change more maps because engine is stock...
My smoke map
X - iq(mm3)
z - maf

the problem is I don't know how to count with z axis
I found some topic on this forum and some guys said, so engine size 2387/5 = 474.4 now atmospheric pressure so for ...
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New Member Questions

Hi everyone,

I‘m new to ecu tuning and want to learn more about it to do it as a hobby and maybe gain some useful skills :roll: .

I‘m about to buy an e46 320d with edc15 an want to use it as a testing platform.
Ive already done some research on how to find and identify maps and have played a bit with the demo ...
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1.9JTD EDC15C7 Launch Control

can anyone make launch control in this file?

thanks in advance :D
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EDC15C2 Map Smoke Limiter

Hi! I really need to find the Map Smoke limiter map for a maffless tune! I found the switch and linearization. There is another thread about this but i cant really understand how it "works" to find the map.

The information that i need to decode: :crazy:

Deman wrote:SWITCH - 61126 , check the DAMOS cowFUN_M_L
P_korr durch T2 = 1
P_korr. durch LDF = 2
P_korr. ...
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PGT 407 3.0 XFV ME747 Pinout


I would like to ask for support regarding pin out for boot mode and reading/writing this unit.
There is PSA Bosch ME747 0261 208 266.

I have got two different pinouts for bootmode but I was unsuccessful with reading.

Have somebody working procedure for reading this ?

Thank you

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Newbie dumb question alert

i am quite new to the ecu tuning seen and have played around with my own VW Touran 2.0 tdi usinf MPPS and Winols.
however i have recently been thinking about changing my wifes Touran 1.6tdi as since the VW enmission recall the car is so sluggish and fuel economy is not great any more.
How ever i'm not sure how i get the map off this ecu, i have tried MPPS and its ...
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Looking for help for tuning my 2014 Mercedes ML350 Bluetec $

I am looking for someone who is willing to help show me how to edit my file for my 2014 Mercedes. I have purchased a legit KTAG and also have purchased Swifttec software. Im not asking for you to just do my file but to walk me through the process so I can learn it. I know your time is worth something and I am willing to pay for your time to learn. My email ...
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Start of injection?

I am totally new to this and am working on my 2014 ML350 Blue on my Ktag and I see some of the fuel injection maps have a start time of negative so I am assuming this is after TDC. Why would you want an injection time to start that late? Is it for regen or to make quieter engine? Can those be changed and advanced to at least a positive number?
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