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Help with Deka 630cc, A4 B5 AWT

Hi guys, I'm working on an AWT engine with k04-015, fpr 3b and Deka 630cc injectors.
I'm having some problems when shifting up, from first to second and from second to third, when I shift or let off the throttle, sometimes it's as if it stays a bit accelerated, it takes a while to come down in revs.
Can you help me calibrate these injectors?
Thank you very much.

I have this changes:

TUVB - ...
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Hello everyone. I'm working with some old school switchboards. where you have to unsolder to make something interesting. :I'm starting from scratch. Could you tell me somewhere where I can download mappings for a VW AFN engine?
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CanAm 2023 mg1ca920

Hello, can you help me with what tool or software I can read the bosch mg1ca920 +2021 ecu with anti-tuning protection, I have been able to read the previous ones with sm2 and pcmflash with the MD1/MG1 module or with bitbox, but since it is protected, it is not known. can do, thanks
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2.0HDI RHZ +VNT Tutbo

I'm sorry for my English.
I would like to fit my Grand Vitara 2.0HDI RHZ (110) VNT Turbo (GT1749V) behind the original K03 with N75 controlled westgate.
I wonder what I will have to modify for VNT functionality.

Thank you for your time and advice.
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E90 320d Hardcut Limiter

Does anyone have the map address for the hardcut limiter when stillstand for an E90 320d 163hp manual
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Nissan Navara 2.3 DPF Delete


Can someone do DPF delete for me on this vehicle.
Nissan Navara 2.3DCI
ECU: Continental SID 309
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Nissan Elgrand map identification


Can someone please help me with identifying the following maps in this file.
067AD 16x16
068AD 16x16
074D8 16x16
076D8 16x16
078D8 16x16
07D58 16x16
09C90 16x16
09E90 16x16
0A090 16x16
Thank you in advance
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Stage 1 Ford Focus C-Max-KKDA

Hi all . Can someone help me, please with a stage 1 option and egr off this map. Because of the computer (Continental) I am overwhelmed by the situation and being the car of a very close person, I necessarily want the realization of a stage 1 of quality. I have attached below the stock version read from the car. Thank you in advance !
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Volvo V70 edc15c2 read HELP NEEDED!!

Hi, i tried to read 2002 year model Volvo V70 2.4D D5244T 163hp engine with Kess V2 and it suggested the ecu being bosch edc15c2 but it gives "Wake up error" when trying to read it. Is this ecu really edc15c2 and does anybody have a pinout for this if it has to be read with bench- or boot mode. Also is it possible to read this with mpps v18 because I didn't find this ...
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Toyota Dyna Speed limit change


I need speed limit changed from 100 km/h to 125km/h.
Please let me know if you can do it.
SW: 89663-37A42-
SW upg.: 337A4200
Spare: 89661-37B91
Engine: N0-444
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