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Ford Kuga ViN extraction from ECU dump


I have a ECU dump (flash memory) from a Ford Kuga. I need the ViN number. At what location is the ViN stored and how can i decode it?

Thank you.

Here is the ECU file:
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Volkswagen polo 6R tdi DPF off

Can someone help me, the dpf is off, the egr is already off

Big thanks

SW 03L906023E 9979
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Why are the "HW matching numbers" so important when mapping

Hi all,
I am starting to learn about ECU mapping and there is something that i see everyone talking about but couldn't figure out why it is so important.
Why does the tuner needs the Original map from the car and cannot use a stock map from the same engine model found on the web?
I heard about hardware numbers but i don't really understand what does that stands for.
I personally extracted the stock ...
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Difference between ME7.4.4 and ME7.4.5


I know that ME7.4.5 and ME7.4.4 uses different electronic throttle bodies, but other than that is there any significant difference?
Also in my country I can only get the throttle body for ME7.4.4(Citroen C2 VTR) but I have 7.4.5 ecu(C2 VTS) are they compatible? If not could the ecu be maniipulated by file to use the 7.4.4 throttle?

Any help will be appreciated :)
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Med 17.5.6

Hi Guys, I am new as You SEE...
Looking your advise please.
I have a VW Jetta mk6 2.5 with a ecu med 17.5.6 and for some reason that I don't know but I suspect it was the tune map uploaded by a tuner here in argentina the gra high channel ( Cruise control clock and speed ) Is gone in the fis of My dashboard cluster.
So Bought a chinesse red pcb kess v2 ...
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bmw e46 m57

hello, I bought a bmw e46 3d already remapped, but when it reaches 4.5 rpm the engine shuts off
maybe someone can fix it?
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Volvo c30 me9 tuning DIY - where to start.

Hello everybody,

my name is uno and I have been on a bit of a hunt to try and learn how to tune my 2008 volvo c30 with its bosch ECU running motronic ME9.

All that I have just about discovered is that A. It is hard... and B. Those that know how don't exactly share the tools...

So, I am here and am hoping that I can be pointed in the right direction of ...
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Santafe 2003

Hello all
Is it possible to correct Cheksum ?
Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 4WD Manual, 145hp, 2003
ECU: Kefico EH2262-F2
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limits edc16c31 379335

hi, can somebody help me find limits for nm and iq, can pay little for help:D
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2.2 hdi EDC15C2 remap

Hi I'm starting my adventure with chip tuning, and I have just modified the map for my car. Could someone check if it is done correctly and if it is safe?
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