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Skoda Oktavia RS 245PS Ori File Simos 18.1

i am searching a long time for the ori file for this car. can anybody help me?

SN: K16067484
SW Upg.:5G0906259N 0002
SW Date:
Imp.: SCG.1 CB.00.00.40 C02.00 SCG
Engine: 2.0l R4 TFSI

its just for a friend of me. he got this car since 6 monthe without tuning. ;)
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frontera standard ecu file required

hi guys new to the forum i need a standard ecu file for my frontera egr and throttle valve actuator playing up so was gona map it out but cant read with kess or fgtech thanks in advance chris

HW: 0470504207
VIN nr.:
SW ver.:
Engine: Y22DTH
HW Ver.:
SW upg.: 24451347.52

fg tech
vin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Skoda Fabia 1.9 PD TDI ATD PD100 light tuning

Hi guys!

I am a car mechanic, but I am a newbie on ECU tuning. I want to know more about it, I have read some articles, watched some videos, and checked some mondified bin files.

After these, I started playing with my 2001 1.9 PD TDI ATD Fabia (PD100). The car is absoultely stock, it has run 300k kms, the injectors, turbo, and maybe the clutch are original, but they are fine. It has ...
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Some questions of Bosch ME2.8 of MB M112K/M113K

Hi Experts,

Could you tell me how many maps of ME2.8 I can use?
AFR/Ignition ?

Is it have IQ or SOI ?
Thanks a lot....

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Launch control bmw 118d 143cv

Hello everyone ... I look for addresses for the launch control of my car ... Can someone help me? Thank you very much for any answers ... Bmw 118d 143cv edc17cp02 sw499_453
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Alfa romeo GT 1.9 JTD

Alfa romeo GT 150cv+mappack.rar
Hi everyone. I want to ask which maps I must change for this Ecu edc16 because is very different from EDC15P. I download this ori fail +mappack from this forum (this forum is the best :thumbup: ). I found factor and offset on any of the maps but I'm not sure if they are OK. And I want to know ...
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Hard time understanding winols

Hello guys,
Can someone please explain me what does a maximum turbo boost of for example 2400mbar means?
I thought the maximum turbo boost a stock turbine can handle varies from 0.9 to 1.5 bars and 2.4bars seems odd to me.
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Help Needed

Evening all,

i am new to this and tring to find some help on using winols and how to determine each map if someone could point me in the right direction on what to look at to identify each map

Thanks luke
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Remap then egr+dpf off


Stupid question maybe but I am a beginner.
If I upload my original file to a tuner site and recieve a stage 1 remapped file, can I after that open that file in WinOls or EcuSafe etc and remove egr+dpf myself? Will that work or does the tuner need to know that I want to remove egr+dpf when he makes the file to make a correct file? Or will this cause problems with the ...
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T5 boost gtb1446vz

Hello what is The Maximum boost off vw t5 84 hp gtb1446 vz tubo charger.
Thank you
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