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The same ECU, different car brand

Little question. Can I upload a program from my friend? We have the same engine (1.8t auq) and the same ecu. The difference is that I have Seat Leon and he has Skoda Octavia.
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1.9 TDI ALH 0.216 Stage 1

Hi there, i seek one who can help me with a stage 1 tune for my Skoda Octavia 2001 1.9 TDI alh 90hp fitted with 0.216 injectors.
Let me know i you can help me

Kindest regards Casper :thumbup:
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Beginner questions

If I have 2 bmw e60 2.0D 163HP, one is stock, and one has DPF off , EGR off and something like 190HP, if i read the tuned one and compare the files from tunned with the stock one, and just modify what is different in maps between them, is enough ? And then obviously remove the DPF. Will the "stock" have the hp that the tunned one has?
Sorry if is a stupid question, ...
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Polo 1.0 AFR and timing table

Hi! I have an old 6N2 1.0 MPI Polo which is on the end of it's life, so I wanted to have a little stupid fun with it and learn some tuning at the same time. I want to make it pop and bang by retarding the ignition timing. I'm using WinOLS and MPPS. I've got the .bin file out of it but I can't figure out which maps are the AFR and timing ones. ...
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MB C220 CRD3.1 ecu maps


Today i have tried to read my MB C220 2012years 125kw with CRD 3.10 ecu with success. I opened the file with winols but it is very different comparing with bosch ecu. Can you guys help me collect maps from my file needed for stage 1?

For example : This one is similar to driver wish map :

but how to get map size (i believe it is 16x16 ...
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How to recognize k line

Hello, maybe some one knows how to recognize k-line pin on ecu if pinout is not available? How to find that pin?
And it is posibility to flash AM29F400BT without desoldering? Which pins need to use, maybe someone can advise?
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Alfa Romeo EDC16C39 errors

Hi folks, i did a read on alfa romeo edc16c39 ecu on bench.
All went good, file read.
Then tried to write it on ecu with no success.
I opened the ecu carefully to write it by bdm but didnt have adapter at me and just put it toghether.
Then put ecu on car, tried to start car and no success
I got this error : P2148 group 1 injectors control
What happened ?
Ecu ...
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1,9 jtdm no start

hi, why is the beginning different ?
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Is this possible?

Hi all

Is it possible to map a specific DTC out from the engine map?

I have a problem on my Peugeot 206 Sagem ECU with it continually flagging P0134 Upstream Oxygen Sensor Intermittent Fault when there is nothing wrong.

Is this doable?

@Shooting - any ideas?
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Change SW version | PUG 406 RHY EDC15C2

Hi! So i have a pug 406 RHY remaped by myself but i'm in constant struggle to remap diferent stuff because of lack of info on my "type" of ECU... I've found alot of maps base on the most common type ecu but stuff like linearizations, SVRPL, etc. its really hard.

ECUEDIT once said:

ecuedit wrote:your file has totally different single value rail limiter logic and also pretty different when you start to dig for ...
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