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y17 dt maff of

HW: DEL 0113386350
SW: 97227225.4
VIN nr.: W0L0XCF0834166050
SW ver.:
Engine: Y17DT
SW upg.: DYRU

can someone cancel the maf for me
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What about volumetric efficiency

Hi everybody,

I've searched the forum and I can't find a lot of information on volumetric efficiency (VE).

So what I'm actually wondering is should the VE not be modified after/during a tuning.
From my understanding, the VE is the amount of air that enters your engine at a given Rpm, which is calculated from the amount of air vs the displacement (cc) of the engine.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I suppose ...
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Newbie with flashing

So i've just recently started poking around with tuning and anything related to it.

Now my question is the follwing. Can i flash (for example with mpps) premade tune to my car directly or do i need to take my original tune and modfy it? This is assuming the tune is made for my particular engine/car/ecu version. Car in question is MK5 GOLF with 1.9tdi, EDC16 ecu

What about checksums, how does that work?

Sorry ...
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Isuzu Transtron original file wanted


Does any one have the original file for Isuzu 300 Dteq with transtron ecu?
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EDC16C34 PSA seed key

Help find the seed key location in the file or tell you how to organize OBD read protection.
Thank you in advance!
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VW Passat 3B 1.8t AEB 110kw tune need help guys! please

Hello guys i am just new with tunning by Tuner pro and i have hard times understanding the XDF files i have Bin and XDF when i open somet hing some numbers seems odd like everithing is at max or stays same. i will send here the XDF and Bin that i am working with i did not change any of it it is still same as i download it is it healthy or normal ...
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Mazda 6 Denso RF8G Need Stage I Please

Engine:2.0d 140ps
ECU Denso RF8G
Read OBD via Kess
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PSA 1.6 hdi 80kw

Attached is my winOLS project, I have found some files and have toyed around with it a little. Really wanted to tune for fuel efficiency but those attempts have failed do instead i tried a little power..

Feels like I am getting quite a bit more power with the adjustments I have done, over did the smoke map so there is a bit of smoke when flooring it in second.

Hoping maybe someone has damos ...
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DW10 BTED4 / RHR rail pressure sensor


I'm about to tune up my new Citroen C5 x7 2.0HDI

So the engine is DW10 BTED4 / RHR and I'm seeking to put 2000bar rail sensor. To make things easy I want to ask does anyone know is there some 2000bar sensor what have same thread as that engine have. It's Delphi diesel pump.

And all tips for tune up are appreciate.

Just planning to change map and rail sensor.
No other hardware ...
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Sprinter 907 316CDI V-max

I'm looking for a way to change the speed limiter for a mercedes sprinter 907 316CDI
with Delphi CRD3P.C0 ecu. I will appreciate if someone can help me with this.
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