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Software used for ECU editing

Continental ecu

Hai everyone.

i would to remap my proton car that used continental brand ecu. Anyone know how & what software & hardware tools for that purpose.

Thank you.
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From ecm to winols

Hi all

So as per my intro

Iv been writing files for a year now on ecm and I write daily estimate around 20-30 maps a month

I still find petrol turbos an arse ache

Na and diesel I do with ease I have all official tools

AT & K3

Ecm & swift

I wanting to go to winols as ecm drivers 7/10 find them then I have to request which if after 1700hrs British ...
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Vaux Zafira 1.9 cdti 150 bhp DPF removal fault.

I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on the following issue. I brought a vauxhall zafira 1.9cdti 150bhp 2011, it's had the dpf deleted, physically in the exhaust and no fault code in the ecu so I can only assume it's been coded out. The issue I have is the car will hold back on full acceleration, almost like it's pulsing full boost, I get fault code p2279-5b in ecu, stating boost leak. ...
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trw ems2.3 damos

I am looking to buy a damos / super map pack for trw ems2.3

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Trouble reading V-Zafira B 1.6L FW using MPPS OBD2

Tried to read the Firmware ECU on a Vauxhall Zafira 1.6Litre Model B using the OBD2 connection in MPPS, but kept getting errors.
I don't really want to take the ECU out to read it. MPPS supports 1.9L and 2.0L Zafiras, but not 1.6. Zafira is 2006 model.

Is there a different tool I could use with the MPPS v18 hardware/OPCOM 2010 Hardware?
Many Thanks
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Cutting a mod file

Hi could someone please HELP

Iv been given a mod file by alientech to make my mod file but they have said once mod done I have to cut the file from 60000-End
Iv asked them how to do and they not explaining saying they don’t understand what I need them to explain??

I don’t understand how to cut files on ecm titanium!!!

Iv looked at the top taps and a few say I split ...
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V1.2.7 PCMtuner Update FAQ

Just collected several questions about V1.27 PCMtuner.

Q1. Got the license file, why still prompt to send code?
A1. Need to put license file on "PCMtuner Flash" folder. If it still fails, please contact your seller. (better use Teamviewer)

Q2. After update, PCMflash says "USB dongle is not accessiable".
A2. No update about PCMflash is available now, PCMflash V1.2.7 is not available. When PCMflash or PCMtuner flash prompts you to update, click "No".

Q3. Already ...
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Update and Activate PCMtuner V1.27

To Update PCMtuner V1.27, we need to go to and download PCMTuner Flash

Installation will ask for activation.

Send device ID (not SN number) to, then the official will send back an activation code for activation.

You can find device ID on the back.

Part of early PCMtuner don't have a device ID, please contact ur seller for activation.

For PCMtuner Dongle users, please send code + dongle picture to ur seller for ...
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SCR OFF truck

SCR OFF truck

I am looking for good scr off solutions for trucks. If anyone interested in cooperation, please contact
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PCMtuner Green Chip-Tunning Token

What is PCMtuner Green Token?
Green Chip-tuning Tokens from "VZ-Performance Center". (Customers who purchase PCMtuner products: a complete set of PCMtuner or a single Dongle)

How to Get Green Tokens?
For customers who purchased pcmtuner products during the promotion
1. After receiving the device, please complete the registration process
2. After finish the registration, please log into VZ performance official website
3. Create a “general support” ticket to request recharge as shown in the ...
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