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Driver acdelco e83

Hello, i need help with driver e 83
HW: 12642926
SW: 12657114
VIN nr.: 9BGKR48G0GG159199
Engine: 1.0 flex
HW Ver.: 86ABSW26515821C0
SW upg.: 24582213
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Popcorn and Speed limit off BOSH EDC1634

Hi, i tried to make popcorn on BOSH EDC1634 it s 1.6 TDCi 109HP engine and i only limited RPM on torque limiter map.. How i can do it? One more problem i can t remove speed limit, i tried with ecusafe. Thanks in advance. I put my file here if someone want to help me.
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lambda off for hyundai sonata2007

I need to guide for lambda off for hyundai sonata 2007 ecu continental sim2k 140
please help
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Hi everyone,

I have MPPS V18 close cable. Like half a year go I was able to identify and read the map from my 2007 Audi A4 2.0 Petrol. Now I have 2008 BMW 320d and for some reason I can't get it to work. I have 3 MPPS zips and 2 of them won't even load. 3rd one loads fine but I can't read the ECU from my car. I tried choosing different ECUs ...
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ecu checksum HELP please

Hi all, i m new to this as just registered myself so sorry in advance if i do something wrong.
Loosing my head as my ecu broke down, got second hand with immo done but now i want to write ori file back and cant do checksum.any help or anyone can check files for me please? Thank you very much
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Help! can not raise the fuel of edc16c39 :(

hello to everyone i have a problem with alfa gt edc16c39 the car is going to 120mg and it earns 270hp and 500nm then it is doing 140mg and again makes 270hp and 500nm some idea what to do? :|
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Free VBF converter to BIN

VBFconvertBIN - free VBF converter to BIN.
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Winols on Windows 10

Good evening.
I was wondering If it is possible to have a working winols on windows 10 and if so if someone could please lend me a hand.

I had a user from this forum set it up for me via Teamviewer but didnt have the chance to test thanks to my antivirus that as soon as it came up, started deleting files. My mistake.

Would appretiate some insight into the matter.
Thanks in advance
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Driver kwp2000+

Can someone help me with xp drivers for kwp2000+. The cd included is damaged. Can't find them on the web.
Regards Bart
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I forgot how to...

Dear all,
I am back since quite a long time I was to the point of tuing an old punto engine and I have the files to do it.
I havo ORI as well as modified one nut I want to be sure how to proceed.
Need some help from someone that has more skills.
How do I extract the ORI from the ECU?
If I remeber correct the ori is just a part of ...
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