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Newbie winols what to do with edited 'my maps'?

Hi all

Very new to mapping but willing to learn and share.

So when I have edited my maps how do I return them to unedited rest of file for mpps flash to ecu? I see I have to complete a 'checksum' with winols. What does this


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Help understand files

I need some help to understand the files(bmw edc 16 ) ,i made bdm read with ktag,now i have 3 different files
.FLS is flash file (1mb) ,i saw some people have 2mb read ,is there any difference?In this file are located tuning maps ?
.EPR is eeprom file ,there are located vin number ,numbers specific to car chasis etc...?
and third one is blank extension file ,not sure when this one is used? ...
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Getting started with winols? Any guides


Looking at getting started with winols but tired of using YouTube for tutorials.

Is there a generic dvd or download guide I can use to teach mysel?

Looking at Golf 5 bkd bmn bosch and Siemens to map
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Checksum error on Kess writing

Hello , I'm newbie here and I want to say sorry to everyone in advance If I'm asking stupid questions.

I have problem with Audi A8 4.2 tdi 2011.
I don't have original file of the car, because Kess v2.47 can't read the ecu in OBD.

I Have modified file for ecu, but when try to write with Kess, I'm receiving error " Checksum error"" .
I don't know what to do.
My Kess is ...
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Checksum problem

Hi, can someone calculate for me checksum? its BMW E46 320d 136hp
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Some GB of maps, winOLS, ECM..

Hi there, I have some GB of ecu maps and programs.!jl1jlCAL!Qhx1HE40aX3w3ooEX5h7fngktEWfqt7HHgrtRDCTlBQ
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Mini One 1.6 90 hp.

Hello guys.

I have my own Mini One 1.6 90 hp from 2003. Seems that its a down tuned engine/software. I have seen on file sites, they are making 125 hp? Is that true?

Does anyone have a ready file for that?

HW: S118012001N
SW: S118098201C

Original file is attached.

Best regards
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Kess,mpps,galleto v54

Which of theese i can you for obd read/write on edc16cp35 bmw
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BMS 46 damos

hi, can someone help me with a damos file for BMS46,ecu from bmw 318i 1998 e46 118cv?
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BMW e60 530d ecu file tune

Hello, can anyone help me with a good tune for this bmw e60 530d 218cv 2004 AT ecu file ? The EGR and swirl flaps are already disabled by me . Thanks!
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