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Pops and bangs for M3.8.3 Ecu AudiA3 2002

Dear everyone.

somebody can help me to do pops and bangs to this old car?

Audi A3 1.8 T
Manual Trans
Ecu M3.8.3
Decat already.

ori file and ecu picture attached.

much appreciated any 100% tested solution, to read and write i have to solder the flash chip :-(

Kind Regards
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2012 E70 35d X5 factory or tuned ?

Purchase 35d X5 '12 and dont know whats been done to it since it was a trade in and dealer doesnt have much info.
I did a read and just wondering if anyone can see whats been changed if anything ?
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1.9tdi tune request

Hello i have a 2006 vw jetta 1.9l tdi brm, i would like a tune with some performance upgrades and egr delete. Car is stock other than the egr cooler is removed and pipes blanked of. it throws a insuffienct egr flow code. Even a partially modded file would help me in trying to learn to do it myself
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Skoda 2l tdi bmm

Hello i have bought this old Skoda 2007 with bmm engine. It is soot on the exhaust tips and the immobilizer light is on but the car runs great, could someone check the file if it has been dpf and immo off? I want to know if dpf is out of the picture before i try and tune it.

SW: 1037392971
SW upg.: 03G906021MC 9948
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Seat Leon 1.9 tdi 105 BXE stock to stage 1

Maybe someone have stage 1 for my stock car Leon BXE...
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P0000 SID206


Can anyone please delete P0000 from this file? Result of a botched EGR delete.

Thank you!
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Renault EDC15C3 DTC Off

I have a problem with my friend's car - Renault Trafic 1.9 dCi.
The gearbox has been changed - unfortunately without the speed sensor.
ECU reports the P0500 error, which means the vehicle speed is not as expected.
Can someone remove the error from the library?
Thanks in advance.
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Suzuki ME17.9.64 pops and bangs

Suzuki k12b with ecu ME17.9.64 and I am not able to figure out how to get pops and bangs.
I have tried upto -26 on spark advance and I have original ECM titanium. Any help or maybe point to right direction?
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Audi A4 B8 1.8TFSI - crackle map

Hello, i need map addres for crackle map(ignition)
or anybody can help me with this tune?

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Hello everyone.

I have VW Passat B5 fl. I want to make a safe stage 1 in this car.
I was looking for information about it on youtube and google, and I was trying to do something alone, but the tutorials are a little bit diffrent than my original file, and I'm afraid to destroy my engine. I can only turn off EGR :(

I'm looking for good human who will make me Stage 1 ...
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