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Tools used for ECU reading and writing

Fox Flash - is it worth buying

Hello all. I am trying to find cheaper alternative to flex hardware so i bump into Fox Flash. Price is around 600$ and what is most important - there is no anual fee.
Does someone use this hardware, is it any good?
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Read/write time PCM Flash EDC17C53

Hi Everybody

I'm still very new at this, but I have finally succeded in finding the right tool to read the ECU of my 2015 Kia Carens 1.7 CRDI through OBD. (EDC17C53)

I read it yesterday with genuine PCM-flash (Protocol 36), through a Godiag j2534 nano OBD2 cabel/connector. The read went well but took 4,5 hours!!?!

Do you know if that is "normal" or is it because its through a Godiag device and not scanmatic2 ...
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Help with ECU connection

Hey guys
I'm looking to tune my 2005 golf s, but everywhere I look for a compatible connector, the prices are upwards of £100.
Most connectors I can see for fords and other cars are around 20, can anyone point to to some cheaper cables for a Volkswagen ecu?
Any help greatly appreciated:)
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Kess V2 and K-tag original

Is there a way to get the outdated Kess V2 and K-tag to work again.
I have upgraded to Kess V3 and Alientech closed the Kess V2 and K-tag
account so these tools are now lying in a box and not working. If it
is possible to get it to work with the clone software how can it be done?
Thanks in advance.
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FGTech V54 OBD k-Line not working EDC16c39

Hi all,
So I am trying to write binary for my EDC16c39 (alfa 159)
I have tried MPPS but it will only read. ( which I used and got the file modified)
So I got a FGtech V54 to try and write the file.
I have the ECU out on the bench with power ground and K-line connected.
I checked the green wire goes back to the same pin , PIN7 of the OBD connecter ...
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MPPS V21 Timebomb

Hello everyone, I started tweaking with some maps on my Seat Leon 1.9 TDI 110 cv, and to do that I bought an MPPS V21 just to find that it comes with a 10 use timebomb. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix it? I'm not scared of soldering and electronics, I just want my tool back. In case that there is no way of fixing it, which tool do you recomend ...
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KT200 ECU Programmer ChipTuning Kit

I have a KT200 ECU Programmer, it can:
1. Read and write ECU data
2. ECU/TCU clone
3. ECU maintenance engineering
4. Chip Tuning
5. OBD2 reading
6. Read ECU maps
7. Checksum correction
8. Read and write Virtual data
9. Supports online update

Notice: The KT200 ECU Programmer requires an Internet connection.

KT200 ECU Programmer Chip Tuning Kit KT200 ECU/TCU programmer Support OBD/BOOT/JTAG/BDM Multiple Protocols
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Passat b5.5 tdi 96kw turbo gt2559v

maybe someone can help with the map, everything is original except turbo gt2559v, I can't create normal maps
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Opel combo C reading problem


I am beginner. Can you tell me how can I read ecu in my opel combo C 1.7DTI 2004
I used MPPS and I think this file is not complete. If i am not right tell me.

file below

Original opel combo C 1.7DTI 2004.Bin
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