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Tools used for ECU reading and writing

Special Introductory Offer on bFlash!

We are offering a special introductory price on MASTER bFlash tools exclusively @ Chiptuningshop!

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New bFlash tool

Hello I'm looking to add another tool to my collection and I've come across this bflash tool it claims to use manufacture level ecu programming and obd, bmd boot etc is included in the price , my question is has anyone used this tool? Is it any good /worth getting
Also considering auto tuner or magic, any recommendations?
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fitting used peugeot 307 delphi 3.4 ecu ?

i have a peugeot 307 2.0hdi with delphi 3.4 ecu , and i have another used ecu from a wrecked car , what do i have to do , to use the ecu from the wreck ?
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Gearbox Tuning Tool

Can someone recommend a good gearbox tuning tool?
I try to search in Google for the tool but not much detail about it. (May be, because my poor English)

My purpose is for tuning my car (and may be others) :
Volvo s60 2.3T model year 2002
ECU : Bosch ME7
Engine : B5234T7
Gearbox : Automatic 5 speed (TEMIC tcu)

I use KTag for ECU reading tool. (quite expensive in my country) and ...
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Tool for EDC16C35

Hi there,

I have a BMW 120d 2005 163hp

I believe my ECU is EDC16C35.

I'm looking for the best budget tool that can read and write over obd?

I have a k+dcan cable with a ft232rl ftdi chip is there anyway I can use this cable or will I need to buy something else?
Can i get whatever I need from a UK supplier?
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replacement of a complete kit of ECU ford focus 1.8 TDCI 200

here I can not program the keys on my ECU follows a wrong maneuver on my part.
I want to replace the complete kit
my ECU is:
sid 202
6m51-12a650-yb 4BKB
if I can not find this reference is it possible to replace it with another refrence or not
for example :
4M51-12A650-JL 3ANL
4M51-12A650-JK 3ANK
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Tools to read C7 RS6 ECU


I've bought a bunch of clone cables inluding MPPS v18, KESSV2 master clone and cannot get anything to work!

The MPPS V18 correctly identifies the ECU and seems to *want* to work but fails after about 15 seconds reading. I have read various posts on other forums detailling boot mode and the tricore cable. Anyone care to point me to an idiots guide for this?

I will be sending my base flash files away ...
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Delco Multec S Opel Vectra B 1.6 16v BJ97 How Read out Eprom

Hey Guys,

My dad has an 97er Vectra B 1.6 16v 101 PS How i Can Read out the MSG? ist an Delco Multec S MSG
I have Kess v2 but dont works and K-Tag but no Manuel how read out works.

Have anyone avereything?

Or i must buy another Hardware to Read out the Eeprom but Which?

Please Help me!

Thanks a Lot.
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PCMflasher free module activation

PCM Flash free activation one module, download activator:
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EDC 17CP20 typical issues?

Good morning!

I am new here and had the first Problem ;)
I had a damaged EDC I found on that 2 Schottky Diodes that are broken on Pin 92 for plus kl 30.
Because i did not know if the diodes are damaged from an extern failure i swap them and try to start the ECU.
So everything work now diagnostics Check lamp and no failures ...
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