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Tools used for ECU reading and writing

Starting hardware for factory ecu coding


I am looking at starting to learn factory ecu coding.

The first ECU I will try is Delphi dcm 6.2, this is VAG application.

I want to look at taking a dump of existing ecu map / bin file and then play with some STC removal from ECU.

I see lots of kit available, one that looks a good price is KT200, around £500. Is this a good starting kit for many ECU?

If ...
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1.9 tdi bsw 105ps request

I am back in the vag tdi Again.

Ive got a Skoda fabia 1.9 tdi PD 105ps bsw 2008
I hope a brother can tell me what ecu it got.
Edc15 or 16? And what cable I can use to write my ecu and what programs to use to edit software and so on.

Hope all doing great in their dieselssss
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Edc16cp39 with Kess clone

Hi guys I have to do an edc16cp39,the tools I have are kess and KTM bench(where the protocol is only available with the dongle 67/1 but somebody say, they don't do it anyway).
Anybody tried with Kess?is it "safe"?
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PMC Flash Interface required please?

ood Morning Folks

Please could someone point me in the right direction for a PCM interface that works with 1.2.7?

I have Guardian dongle, and ori disc but only can get scanmatik to work

Did all loading procedures off tuning-box site, no luck

ECU help Web page drop downs do not function to see ecus etc

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What Tool works for PEUGEOT Partner II 1.6 HDi

Hi, which tool do you recommend for the PEUGEOT Partner II 1.6 HDi.
Year 2013
Engine code: 9HF
Kess clone doesn't work
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GL450cdi flash tool? (OM629)


I can't get my pcmflash / smp2 (protocol 45 completed unsuccessful) or my kess clone to read my GL450cdi. Is there a tool that will do this?

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EDC17C60 with PCM Tuner - read process

Hello everyone.
I am studyind how to do remap in Peugeot 308 T9 2016 (EDC17C60) with PCM Tuner. Have here someone that did it? Can explain me if need use another external power supply or if only with the pcm tuner in bench mode will work.
I know that i need do the TPROT process after changes and verify checksun with WinOLS. Some other thing that i need to do before write there?
Thank you ...
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What is BDM and OBD read?

Hello I am new to ECU tuning!

So far, I have learnt how to tune EDC16c34 and DELPHI DCM3.4... using files from this forum.

I would like to know what the difference between reading and writing with BDM is and OBD?

Why are most people using BDM instead of OBD?
What are the Disadvantages?

Also what hardware is the best to read/write for peugeot/citroen Delphi Ecus?
Same question with peugeot/citroen bosch edc16 & edc17..

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Is JTAG disabled on ECUs?

I was wondering if I can clone data using the JTAG interface in the Tricore Infineon TC1762, my ECU model is MEG17.9.12. I cannot really afford buying a K-TAG hardware or KESS.

So, do you think the JTAG interface was disabled? if so, how can reopen it, unless it's disabled permanently
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Yamaha MORIC ECU interfaces, nothing works! M30280FATHP-U3

So I tried all off the shelf softwares that communicate with the openport tactrix and a cheap ch340 (or something) usb cable. It seems I'm going to need to do something else. The ECU uses a not popular protocol that I need to work on if I want to use the K-Line.

No idea what happened while I was using the off the shelf software and hardware but as I was trying to communicate with ...
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