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Tools used for ECU reading and writing

0261205005/0261205006 reversed - SC551710 question

Hi everybody,
ive sucesfully reversed schematics of the 005 and 006 ECU wich uses SAK C167CR. (Used in smarts). Does somebody know what does the IC SC551710. It is possibly a motorola micro, clocked with 4MHz quartz. Does it some CRC or watchdog? Ive uploaded image around the circuitry. It goes to flash 29F400 but according datasheet the pin is NC. (According to AM29F400BB datasheet). :?:
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MPPS v18 EU clone 2 tipes found on market

Hello friends. Anyone that used MPPS Eu clone and has any oppinion on wich is better please share your experience with this tool. I found on market 2 quality clones. 1 purple pcb and second one red pcb. Any ideeas wich one is better?
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What hardware for edc16c7 ecu

what should i use for flashing my edc16 ecu im leaning towards a bdm100.... but would love to know what everyone think this will be my first time reflashing.
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Kess V2 - Generic error

Hello guys

I have a brand new Kess V2 clone, which works 100% perfect. Have used it on 5-6 cars now, without any issues.

Today I would write a file to a VW Golf 7 GTI 220 HP from 2014, which, not was possible. I could ID.

When i clicked "Write" and choosed the file, it came with "Generic error".

The file works on original Kess V2?

Anybody knows something to fix that issue?

ID: ...
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OBD reading

What are people using to read through OBD port on Audi MED9 and Porsche Cayenne EDC17

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Does anyone know what files need taking from one ecu to make a clone please?

Is it just the map file or do I need anything else?

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Autotuner Tool


Located in Luxembourg, FR-TEAM International, is a company with mode than 10 years experience in automotive electronics and chiptuning.
The Autotuner solution has been fully developed in-house.
Our team has a perfect knowledge of the technology used by Autotuner both from the software and hardware standpoint.

Free updates

Autotuner reads and writes over 3.500 vehicles ECUs via Boot Tricore or OBD socket. New protocols updates are free for lifetime access.

The development team is ...
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Kess v2 and Siemens SID803

Hello, could kess v2 read and write through OBD my Siemens SID803 ECU please ? Thanks for your help. Best regard brcolo
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Ecm Titanium

Hi again

Does anyone use ecm titanium? Is winols easy to use? just don't see many people talking about ecm...

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Seat Leon FR 1p Facelift ecu read tool


Not for long time I bought an 2010 Seat Leon FR facelift and I want to start learn how to make ecu remap.
Can anybody advise what tool I need in order to read and write from ecu?
Is Mpps V13 good?

My ecu code is 03L 906 022 GN while soft coding is 0050072
It seems to be EDC17CP14 from what I found on the internet, I didn't looked yet on the box. ...
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