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Tools used for ECU reading and writing

automatically uploading the software to the ecu

Hello, I have an MCP2515 board can an OBD2 cable be added and a memory installed to have softwares in it automatically upload the software to the car when connected or it must be another board.
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Resetting a Powergate 1?

Hi Guys,
A while back I got myself a powergate 1 unit, used it on my car, used it to "mapswitch".
Long story short, same car, now has a dofferent ECU (EDC15), is there anyway I can reset the powergate to be able to use it on this ECU?
I had got it 2nd hand and it was wiped then. On the software for it, XPro 4.06, the erase button seems to be greyed out. ...
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PINOUT 1: DQ200(0AM 0CW), DQ250 (02E 0D9), VL381 (0AW) DQ500 (0BT 0BH)

PINOUT 2: V30(01J), V300(01J)

PINOUT 3: DL382(0CK), DL501(0B5), DC0/DC4 Gen2, LuK-UDCT
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Hardware for pcr2.1 1.6 TDI read/unlock from OBD

Any one used tool to do it by obd?
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OBD Constant Power supply

Hey there, i am looking to buy a Constant power supply like a GYS but i want something cheaper if it exists. I am new to the tuning game and was hoping to either make something or buy something at an affordable price. I will be doing all my tuning through OBD on the Kess V3 system. Any recommendations are appreciated, i am located in Australia too.
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PCMtuner Dongle Heat Issue Solution

Small red dongle (in PCMtuner package) would not heat; bigger green dongle (separate dongle) would heat and emit smells.
Remove an encrypted chip. (*please contact your seller and remove under the guidance of engineers from PCMtuner team)
1)If PCMtuner dongle works well, heating is normal.
2)Even the encrypted chip burns off, dongle won’t lose connection with PC, since it is not necessary on the connection of main chip.
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PCMtuner Dongle

PCMtuner dongle is available, can buy seperately and it's the same as the one in PCMtuner package.

Recently one user wonder dongles are different,
Red dongle in full PCMtuner package - Small, won't heat
Green dongle separate buy, without PCMtuner - Bigger, very hot

Factroy answers:
Same, chip is modified, current green dongle will be slightly larger than before.
As long as the dongle works well, dont care about heating
will test more usb port ...
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V1.25 PCMtuner ECU Programmer

PCMtuner ECU Tool can read&write engine&gearbox ECU data through OBD, BENCH, and BOOT modes.

Bosch ECU read/write protocols without opening the cover
67 Modules in 1, supports tune file, adblue , scr ,dpf , vmax, stage1-3, popbangs
Free VR files and damos for users
No subscription, no annual fee
Same chip list as PCMflash

Part of support list:

Module 7
Ford Transit/Tourneo/Ranger, Land Rover Defender
Ford Transit 2007: 2.2L, 2.4L Diesel 85/100/115/140PS (DCU101-108, DCU201-208)
Reading, ...
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Hyundai/Kia Tuning Tools

As a beginner, I need your honest professional advice on the following questions:

Which tuning tool(s) can do the following functions in Hyundai/ Kia:
1. Read and write Engine ecu, BCM, smatra, smart key ecu?
2. Read Out immo pin code from smartra ecu, smartkey ecu, engine ecu?
3. That after Reading engine ecu, smart key ecu, smartra, can modify the file to achieve IMMO-OFF.

I have the following tool now:
Kess v2 v5.017 red ...
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As beginner is tuning and Programming, I need your professional advice on tooling and software:

Which bdm tuning tool(s) can I use mainly for hyundai/kia:
1. For Reading and Writing BCM, Smatra
ECU, Smartkey ECU via BDM or OBDII for vehicles f.
from 2006 to 2021 model year, possibly having u.
2.That can do Engine ECU IMMO-OFF, after Reading
3. That can Readout immo pin codes from Engine ECU,
BCM, SmartKey Module, or Smatra? ...
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