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Tools used for ECU reading and writing

KT200 ECU Programmer ChipTuning Kit

I have a KT200 ECU Programmer, it can:
1. Read and write ECU data
2. ECU/TCU clone
3. ECU maintenance engineering
4. Chip Tuning
5. OBD2 reading
6. Read ECU maps
7. Checksum correction
8. Read and write Virtual data
9. Supports online update

Notice: The KT200 ECU Programmer requires an Internet connection.

KT200 ECU Programmer Chip Tuning Kit KT200 ECU/TCU programmer Support OBD/BOOT/JTAG/BDM Multiple Protocols
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Passat b5.5 tdi 96kw turbo gt2559v

maybe someone can help with the map, everything is original except turbo gt2559v, I can't create normal maps
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Opel combo C reading problem


I am beginner. Can you tell me how can I read ecu in my opel combo C 1.7DTI 2004
I used MPPS and I think this file is not complete. If i am not right tell me.

file below

Original opel combo C 1.7DTI 2004.Bin
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Best for virtual- / real download

Dear community
I have an issue. We are doing a wide range of measurements for car and aftermarket industries in our company. And for this reason sometimes we have to modificate ecu's. In other setups, we have to assure that the software is stock.
    Can I ever be sure, a car is stock?
    What is the best tool to get the actual data from the ecu? (So, no virtual download for a wide range of ...
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Alientech cable 144300KUNI


Does any one know the pinouts for the Alientech cable 144300KUNI.

Thanks in advance.
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FB Mondial SMX 125i


which tool can I use to read/write the ECU of an 2021 FB Mondial SMX 125i?

Best regards
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automatically uploading the software to the ecu

Hello, I have an MCP2515 board can an OBD2 cable be added and a memory installed to have softwares in it automatically upload the software to the car when connected or it must be another board.
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Resetting a Powergate 1?

Hi Guys,
A while back I got myself a powergate 1 unit, used it on my car, used it to "mapswitch".
Long story short, same car, now has a dofferent ECU (EDC15), is there anyway I can reset the powergate to be able to use it on this ECU?
I had got it 2nd hand and it was wiped then. On the software for it, XPro 4.06, the erase button seems to be greyed out. ...
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PINOUT 1: DQ200(0AM 0CW), DQ250 (02E 0D9), VL381 (0AW) DQ500 (0BT 0BH)

PINOUT 2: V30(01J), V300(01J)

PINOUT 3: DL382(0CK), DL501(0B5), DC0/DC4 Gen2, LuK-UDCT
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Hardware for pcr2.1 1.6 TDI read/unlock from OBD

Any one used tool to do it by obd?
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