MB C200 CDI W202 Question about flashing

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MB C200 CDI W202 Question about flashing

Postby jursi » Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:13 am

Hey y'all!

Ive just bought a 2000 c200cdi (W202) just for a winter beater and thought i'd remap it for a little more oomph and as stock its kinda boring even though it has good mpg :D . Ive been trying to find out is it possible to flash it through the 38pin diag port or in bench mode because it does not have an obd port also. I succesfully readed the 512kb file through the 38pin diag port with mpps v16 from K-Line but im unsure if i could write through it also? I have made the custom file already for it but now i just need someone to confirm what route i can write the file in without bricking the ecu ( :D ) or is the only way to desolder the 29f400 and write it that way? Im not 100% sure is it EDC15C0(?) or EDC15C5.

Greetings from Finland

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