[DIAG] Logs - 2006 Octavia AXR 100HP TDI PD

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[DIAG] Logs - 2006 Octavia AXR 100HP TDI PD

Postby ORMOPL » Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:35 pm


Im gettin prepared for light tune.
Got KKL for diags, Commander for Immo and eeprom clone, and ofc MPPS for Flash. Nevermind.

I decided to start it in proper way. Start with some logging.

Engine is after 400km fuel system cleaning. BIPS and corrections are pretty i see.

One thing I am getting afraid of is turbo accutator. In some part of rpms boost is a little bit higher than it should be.

I am just uploading all files from today's. Just put it where You want. :)

Thank You in advance guys. A lot of brainheads to learn from :)
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