[DIAG] Logs - 2006 Octavia AXR 100HP TDI PD

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[DIAG] Logs - 2006 Octavia AXR 100HP TDI PD

Postby ORMOPL » Tue Jun 05, 2018 7:35 pm


Im gettin prepared for light tune.
Got KKL for diags, Commander for Immo and eeprom clone, and ofc MPPS for Flash. Nevermind.

I decided to start it in proper way. Start with some logging.

Engine is after 400km fuel system cleaning. BIPS and corrections are pretty i see.

One thing I am getting afraid of is turbo accutator. In some part of rpms boost is a little bit higher than it should be.

I am just uploading all files from today's. Just put it where You want. :)

Thank You in advance guys. A lot of brainheads to learn from :)
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Re: [DIAG] Logs - 2006 Octavia AXR 100HP TDI PD

Postby lyecon » Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:24 pm

The VW diesels can many times run very extreme air presures, I've seen guys having up to 2.5-bar on the engine intake and nothing blown up... Seriously, your goal is to program in as much air pressure as the head gasket can take, and limit it only by the heat the head and pistons can dissipate. But then, you should limit that by the max. fuel allowed.

There is a table that can limit fuel or power depending on engine temperature... look for it at the end somewhere.
I'd use that one as my safety switch, and allow the insane boost all over the RPM range. Excepf of the very lowest RPM, because I just want the turbo to spool down to very low RPM at engine idle. (Makes sense not to tun of the engine while turbine runs at 150 000 RPM.)

That way, you get higher engine efficiency, which means higher power for the same amount of fuel.

P.S. The natural stock settings do a lot of things, like keeping exhaust temperature at some minimum of X, or keeping it away of some maximum of Y, and so on. But I'm saying: understand it and redesign it to fit. I've seen stock EDC15C code that was optimized to 2500RPM providing low emissions, everything else was different. That is probably done for emissions testing, so, in other words, it is cheating by design. NOT KIDDING! Bosch (or anyone similar preparing the engine ECU for certification) has been doing it for decades, and I don't see them going behind bars...

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