Ford Mondeo mk4 2007 2.0 TDCI SID206 HELP PLEASE

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Ford Mondeo mk4 2007 2.0 TDCI SID206 HELP PLEASE

Postby jovanzac » Mon May 28, 2018 9:18 am

Hello to all,

I have mondeo mk4 2007 2.0 tdci 103kw qxba siemens sid206. My car has egr off because egr was faulty and dpf delete (maybe wrong decision but ... ). I had before P003A which I do not have now and I think the tuning garage deleted the DTC. My problem is this: put 100% throttle and I have 2.3 bar boost than after 3 seconds drops to 1.9 - 2.0 and then again 2.3 bar and so on. I feel this like 100% throttle and then 80% throttle and then 100% again. I compared my map with others and I can not see N75 difference or boost map difference. Can this be due to turbo vane position sensor ? Dose this sensor have it's own map ? Can I disable this sensor with switch or to make it irrelevant for the ECU ?

File is read with MPPS V16 via OBD

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Hardware number: 6G91-12B684-BA
Software number: 7G91-12K532-PH
Extra data1: 5WS40595F-T
Extra data2: SIMENS-SID206-FRB800MC

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Re: Ford Mondeo mk4 2007 2.0 TDCI SID206 HELP PLEASE

Postby paxtonix » Tue Oct 05, 2021 12:08 am

Hi ,

Did you found solution for this fluctuating boost issue ? Im having same problems exacly above 1900 mbar - like there is some kind of limiter but I cannot find it.

second question what mapsenosor are u running ?. Stock one is 2550mbar so totaly u can put only 1,55b of boost in to it because sensor scale is over.

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