EDC 16 My first tune 2.0 blb ori;stage;kp 0281011850;382716

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EDC 16 My first tune 2.0 blb ori;stage;kp 0281011850;382716

Postby Alex2389 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 3:54 pm

Hello guys, my first tune with an edc 16u31 0281011850; 1037382716; 382716
2.0 blb audi a4 140 hp stock 320nm manual transmission

this is a basic remap - dw; torque limit; smoke maf/map nm to iq; and boost;
can you please tell me your opinions about this tune ?

and i would like to know if i modify the x axis for the smoke maf (1051) to 1100 to increase the afr is that ok or can harm ?
and how can i make this a stronger stage 1, because for now is limited i think to about 65 mg of fuel, any tips on how to increase soi and duration ?

Thank you guys !
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Re: EDC 16 My first tune 2.0 blb ori;stage;kp 0281011850;38

Postby fanvw » Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:51 pm

I see in your file that you love %, specially 4% :)))
You can do alot better. This car has alot of potential if you tune the correct maps in a correct way. Forget about % and start to learn how to do math in remaps. You can write your file, you will feel a slight improvement, but don't expect it to drive like a sports car

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