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I need i new ECU since the old one is not working.
The car is Ford Galaxy MPV 130cv and i haven´t the original file.
Wath can i do?
I´m thinking remap since i will will change the ECU.

Help please.
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eprom repair renault 2.5dci

Hi my scan tool has corrupted eeprom.. can anyone fix it. i have another eeprom file same sw but need immo inj and vin data changed or my eeprom file repaired with other file.. ...

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VW Passat 2.0cr CBAB edc17cp14 won't start, OBD write failed


I really need some help.

I tried to write a file to my fiends car through OBD with KESS, it failed and now the car wont start.
Properly it is Tprot locked.

Before that, I read the original file through OBD, and wrote it back again with no problems.
But now it is properly locked.

Afterwards i have put the ECU to boot mode with kess tricore module, where i have made a "backup ...
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Need virgin ecu Mazda3

hi need virgin files for Mazda3 ECU:0281011534,EDC16C3.9


Thanks in advance, any help greatly appreciated!
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Immo off sprinter 315 2008

Hello, I have a problem with a sprinter 315 cdi 2008. I read kess on obd flash and I put a bad tab. He stopped from writing at 79% and gave an error. Now I put mpc + flash but I do not have startup permission. Can someone help me . Thank you
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SEARCH AUDI S5 4.2L V8 354cv MED9.1.1 0261S02329 1037391072

Hi, I search full dump original ecu 0261S02329 1037391072
AUDI S5 V8 4.2L 354cv for bdm, and mcu int flash and ext flash....


Help Please

thx :(
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VOLVO C70 Virginize ECU Siemens SID 206

I'm really ashamed that one of my first post on this great forum is about getting your help.
I'm in a big trouble and I need to virginize this ECU.
If there's anyone who could help me with this matter I would be very grateful.
Regards. :thumbup:
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EDC16c9 ori full bdm

i need full bdm files for opel astra H 1.9cdti 2006:

HW: 1037A50282
SW: 0281012549
Opel SW: 5519892

flashed with mppsv16, unsuccesfull, now car wont start!!

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Edc15c6 recovery!

Hello, so i flashed a software with bad checksum abd now my mercedes wont start. So i was told to bench flash it in bootmode. I was wondering is this the real pinout( ... -mode.html)? Do i apply the gnd and +12v to the wires between ecu and obd plug or like in the first picture of the link straight power to pin 9 and 13?
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Problem Chrysler Voyager 2003 2.5 CRD


I have an issue in my van.
I made a remmap with a MPPS cable.
After remmap the Van doesnt start.
The immo light is on.
Made another remmap with immo off and the issue remains.
Can anyone help me?
Here is a photo of the ECU EDC15.
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