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Searching skoda octavia edc16u34 ori flash file


i search original BDM flash file from skoda octavia
edc16u34 03g906021gd 0281013160 sw-1037390603

thanks in advance
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throttle error after flashing ori

hi guys, hope someone can help me with this
my mk5 golf gti 2.0tfsi dsg med9.1 gives an throttle error after i wrote the ori file back and doesnt responce on the gaspedal. i tryed an tuned file with a other letter at the end.

ori 1k0907115A and tuned 1k0907115J.

i did a ori fullread and checksums were OK. then i fullwrote the tuned file and it gives some shocks at full load but it ...
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MPPS and/or edc15 problem. NOT A NOOB :-)


So I have done a lot of remaps, and have tried a little of this and that, but this has me stuck. Any help is appreciated.

I was flashing (with MPPS) just as I have done many many times before. I did it in car, with charger on. Took ORI file first. Then flashed, and suddenly the PC screen flickered, and the write was dead. OK, so took the ECU to the bench, and ...
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Cloning a Sagem S2000 ECU

Hi. I have a possible hardware problem with the ECU in my Peugeot 206. Looks like there is an intermittent connection on one or more of the pins on one of the multiway plug/sockets. If its not the plug itself then it must be the ECU.

Is it possible to clone a new virgin ECU from the ECU in the car? If so how do I do this? I read somewhere that you need to ...
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EDC15P not responding

Hi guys! I have a golf 4 1.9 tdi arl ecu edc15P. I read the ecu with a mpps v16, got edited with edc suite. I did a rev limiter(popcorn-svrl) and after that flashed the file. I got no error, programming complete but the car it s not starting anymore. The esp light it s on, and i can t read/write ecu. What should i do?
And the bin if it s someting wrong with ...
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need ecu file for BMW M6/M5 tricore 1728

i need the original file for M6/M5 dme tricore ecu dme file for 1728,Esys damage my map file and copied single ecu data to both dme 12 and 13 now car runs rough and misfires, thanks in advance.
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problem after dpf off

Hi all,
I need somebody to check if this file is ok, because after dpf removed, at idle everything is ok but when I try to accelerate it doesn't have power anymore and white smoke.
Arround 2200 rpm almoust dies.
Grand voyage 2009, 2.8 crd edc16
Thanks in advance.
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P0601Check sum error

hi guys, my stepdaughters mk 6 golf 1.6 tdi (2012) has been off road for months,when i checked it, i found injectors were seized, i put a second hand set in it, and it eventually started, but was not firing on number two cylinder, which had a low compression, i found connecting rod was bent on number two, i replaced it, and piston rings, and checked valves,and compression, (over 320 psi on all cylinders) timing ...
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I need i new ECU since the old one is not working.
The car is Ford Galaxy MPV 130cv and i haven´t the original file.
Wath can i do?
I´m thinking remap since i will will change the ECU.

Help please.
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eprom repair renault 2.5dci

Hi my scan tool has corrupted eeprom.. can anyone fix it. i have another eeprom file same sw but need immo inj and vin data changed or my eeprom file repaired with other file.. ...

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