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Edc15c6 recovery!

Hello, so i flashed a software with bad checksum abd now my mercedes wont start. So i was told to bench flash it in bootmode. I was wondering is this the real pinout( ... -mode.html)? Do i apply the gnd and +12v to the wires between ecu and obd plug or like in the first picture of the link straight power to pin 9 and 13?
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Problem Chrysler Voyager 2003 2.5 CRD


I have an issue in my van.
I made a remmap with a MPPS cable.
After remmap the Van doesnt start.
The immo light is on.
Made another remmap with immo off and the issue remains.
Can anyone help me?
Here is a photo of the ECU EDC15.
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Citroen Xara Picasso

I have problem with boot mode Galletto V54 , ECU Bosch 0 281 011 084 I can't read memory. I have pin connect and short pin 24 to ground and nothing . I connect
+12V to pins D4,M1
ground to pin M4,
K-line pin B1
If I read can 29F400 I make immo off ?
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peugeot 206 airbag


I have a peugeot 206+ 2009 with autoliv 60320 12 00

Can someone provide me the original file beacause the car crash?

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Mercedes 220 CDI CRD.11 OM646 EVO


Does anyone have the original maps from this ECU. A customer buyed a used Merc and its DPF off, now he want´s to put it to the original state. Ill buy the file if price is ok.

delphi dcm 3.5 ou crd 3.xx ou dcm 3.5 .jpg
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passat cc edc17 recovery

I would like to ask, that can you help me start a VW Passat 2,0CR 2008 EDC17CP14?
I  was a big idiot....
I did tuning, flaps off, dtc off on this car earlier.
I readed via obd only.
The owner was softvare update a vw service
after I would like to restore with earlier sw to the simple work,
I can't upload the older soft, always have got trouble... Car won't start from this time
attached ...
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ALFA Brera / 159 2.4 JTDM EDC16C39 BDM DUMP

Hi all, I need a BDM Dump for ALFA 159 2.4 JTDM EDC16C39 200hp
HW: 0281013417
SW: 1037390938 ( 390938 )

Because a write with Kess V2 from OBD fail and now ecu is locked, can't write from OBD, and BDM read isn't good...

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Laguna 2 mk2 96kw 131Hp 2006, Injector code missing.

:wave: Hi All. I have problem with Laguna 2 ph2 2006 1.9cdi 96kw 131hp. The Injector codes missing..Engine run but in Emergency mode, 1500rpm and no power. Problem comes from EGR, other workshop take to change it and has install one from other model. Different was the connector by newer is round and by older is flat. So they cut wires and connect it wrong , on ...
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caddy 2.0 sdi edc16u1

I need full BDM file EDC16U1
hw 0281012272 (03G906016HN)
sw 1037376308
I need micro file.
I think my file is wrong size (449 kb). I doubt that the original has 542 kb.
Caddy 2.0 sdi PD, 2006.
Tnx BR
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Does anybody have an opened Siemens sid803 ECU and could tell me what component there is by the eeprom 95320 wich is connected to pin 3 of it?

Have a bricked ECU that I'm trying to repair and can't find anywhere what should there be. Picture included below. Item marked in red.
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