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Bosch Porsche ECU Identification

I am looking for information on a Bosch ECU. From what I read on the forum so far. The Bosch P/N is: 02600020883
Which is reflected on the attached photo. The Porsche P/N is: 98761832002 Also reflected in the attached photo.
There is a second label that the numbers don't seem to lead anywhere when searched. :crazy:

I was told the ECU was from an 06 ...
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WOTLOGIX 2 Step Launch Control/NLS

The WOT-LOGIX unit (Wide Open Throttle –Logix) has two great features and gives you two major advantages.
This unit enables your standard manual transmission car to have launch control, whenever you need it. Monitors the RPM and does a modulated ignition cut to hold the RPM you want to launch at. The turbo will spool up while you do this. You can use this feature for a more consistent and more powerful launch in boost! ...
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How did you learn remapping? Recomandations?


I am reading about remapping but i was wondering how you guys learned it?
Courses? Books?

Any recomandations? I want to learn everything but i have time. No rush! ;)


Have a great weekend guys! =)

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does somebody haves pdf or other stuf about info/tune dsg?
i'm working on it bud need to be sure with something ;)

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EDC16U1 XTAL damaged, need help !

Hi there ..I have an EDC16U1, which I damaged when trying to open the case. I hit an XTAL and broke it. I would like to replace it, but I don't know what value it has. I searched all internet trying to find pdf for bosch 30460, because this is the chip which uses it. Does anyone know what crystal this is ? I think it is Murata, and it has "102" written on it ...
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Winols learning

Hello everyone. Who can teach me and me to do dpf off and EGR off in winols? I started this job and I do not know dpf off and EGR off. I learned to do just hot start. Please help . Thank you .
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need some friends :)

Hello everyone my name is Eduard and i'm from Romania,i know that ive already introduced myself but i started this topic with hope to make some friends
I want to know if here are some good soul who would want to help me figure out what I should study to be able to remap alone my car. of course I know that this will happen in like 10 years ...
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Checksum - What exactly is it?

I am new to Ecu editing and I have some questions.
-> What exactly is a Checksum and what do I need it for?
-> Can I change it?
-> How can I see it?

I have read the Ecu of my Golf 4 1.8T AUM ME7.5 with MPPSv13.
Then I opened the file in VAGEDCSuite, and at the bottom left I get the error "Checksum failed".
But maybe this error is coming because ...
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Maps and control unit


I'm vinegar 1 L & K 2000 1.9TDI engine with 81 kilowatts AHF and RJ 038906018GN

I have MPPS v13.02 and I wanted to play maps.

Editing of maps I WinOLS

Since only beginning to learn with it, so I did not make major adjustments, but I just tried a few things. Warm start off-EGR u etc ...

But somewhere I read that this is not about RJ played via cable, but only by ...
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MED 9.5.1

I have a Golf MK5 FSi with MED 9.5.1 ecu 03C906056AJ can we remove the NOx without errors and checksum check?

Attached is the OEM file

Thanks in advance
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