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Reading Siemens ppd1.2 bdm

As the title suggests I'm struggling to find any information or a guide to get a bdm read of my siemens ecu, I've been searching forum and Google but always end up with Bosch ecu guides. Im wanting the bdm read so I can put it into the siemens software so I can look and understand what's going on with my map. I'm using galletto v54 and have got the obd flash off no problem ...
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ECU update

I have a 2004 Jetta TDI Auto Sedan. I have had the recall to have the 7v ceramic glow plugs replaced with 5v steel glow plugs + ecu update. There was a recall for the recall because the 5v glow plugs have issues starting in cold weather. Then recall expired. I have bought the 7v glow plugs plus the controller. I want to update the ecu to 7v glow plugs. I understand that I need ...
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Vcds/opcom/lexia type tools for other brands?

I know this is mostly a tuning forum, but i thought id ask here because there are a lot of knowledgeable people here, unlike other
Forums! Plus its somewhat related to tuning.

We all know vcds/vag com, but what are the hardware/software packages like this for other car brands?

The ones i have are:

Opcom for Opel, own interface

Lexia for PugCit, own interface

Multiecuscan for Fiat (modified kkl cable w/ adapters or mod box) ...
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Hi everyone, it is unfortunate, but we need to expose everything that has happened so no other user might be harmed in the same way.
This happened yesterday, on MHHauto forum, when we posted a topic for swirl flap solution for mercedes w211 e220medc16c2.
You can check the topic yourselfs, hope it doesnt go against the rules to post a link, if it is please warn me or remove the link imediately, and i appologise ...
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What eeprom Murano 3.5 MEC118 ???

Hello, what memory eeprom should be soldered in this ECU driver?

Nissan Murano 3.5 VQ35DE v6 2008r.


Very thanks :)
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Clock mods

Hi any1 know anything about modding clocks iv heard and been trying to get miles to empty on my mk4 golf clocks they are rb8 v21 but i cant seem to crack it any help wud be great thanks
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Software for creating maps

Hi guys,
I am looking for free software in which I can create my own maps for tuning for Mercedes A160 98' MSM ECU.
Thanks in advance!
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KM correction on Mazda?


I have change odometer on my Mazda, and the new one was 100,000km less than the car.
Due to inspections every 2 years on the car, this needs to be corrected.

How do i do this on a Mazda 5 from 2007?
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Bosch Porsche ECU Identification

I am looking for information on a Bosch ECU. From what I read on the forum so far. The Bosch P/N is: 02600020883
Which is reflected on the attached photo. The Porsche P/N is: 98761832002 Also reflected in the attached photo.
There is a second label that the numbers don't seem to lead anywhere when searched. :crazy:

I was told the ECU was from an 06 ...
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WOTLOGIX 2 Step Launch Control/NLS

The WOT-LOGIX unit (Wide Open Throttle –Logix) has two great features and gives you two major advantages.
This unit enables your standard manual transmission car to have launch control, whenever you need it. Monitors the RPM and does a modulated ignition cut to hold the RPM you want to launch at. The turbo will spool up while you do this. You can use this feature for a more consistent and more powerful launch in boost! ...
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