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e46 330D M57N


it's my car, i done mechanical tune, but soft was not my job (but i'm not 100% happy with this).

Full equiped from factory except M-pak but i try to install all parts.

Mechanicly big FMIC + 2.5" open DP no kat

On stock map with this changes 230hp/450Nm

After mapping:

First result

After N75 change


But i have EU3 injectors "131", this spring i plan to use "219" from 535d and ...
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My Tuned CLK 320 CDI

Hello from Germany,
a tuner tuned my car.

can you tell me if he did good work?

its a clk 320 CDI
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Citroen 5 lll Tourer 2,0 HDI 163/ 200/400 EGR OFF VMAX OFF

Hi, My project is a Citroen c5 seduction Tourer from 2012, 6gear, 2,0 Hdi 163
It is tuned to 200 hp and 400 nm, Egr is off and engine sounded better right after i closed that damned valve :) I testdrove and couldnt get passed 210 so i got the vmax extended (in reality it was rpm limiter that got raised ...
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2,0 hdi gt1852v

Hi. I have Citroen xantia 2,0 hdi + gt1852v + nozzle Alfa 1,9 8v + boost sensor 3bara. Racelogic 0-100 =7,8; 402 = 15,9.
Tune the configuration , I will be glad of any help ...
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Citroen C5 2.2 HDI (4HX) 2001


I'm currently tweaking my citroen with my friend's help.
Still getting to know secrets of remapping. :)

-removed DPF
-EGR off
-1800bar rail sensor

To do list:
-3bar MAP

Here is last summer dyno.

There is "stock" run and IQ94 run. Unfortunatly we didn't logged the car in that run, but I have logged later IQ96 so I think that asked IQ94 realized.

"Stock" run ...
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Lupo 3L 1.4tdi Manual

Lupo 3L

Now 1.4tdi AMF engine with Hydraulic clutch
GT1749VA from a ASZ Cut one runner and it fits :)
Homemade Downpipe

for now that are the most important mods later i will fit ARL Nozzle's and a bigger IC i think

Drive's on ayz ecu the only problem for now is that it has a speedlimiter on 150kmh (038 906 019 AE)
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Ibiza 6L ASZ GTB2060vklr

Engine 1.9tdi PD ASZ

80%+ Firad DSLA150p1043
Performance camshaft for lowering EGT
GTB2060vklr (with MFS wheel)
Darkside Intercoolerkit with piping
4bar mapsensor
Homemade Downpipe 2.75''
2.5" Milltek non resonated
Sachs SRE

and my own tuning 275hp/511nm ... ksqrjn.png
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Jaguar XF SV8 charger fully up.

Jaguar XF SV8

2008yr 4.2 supercharger fully up.

remove Speed limit.

417ps 58kg/m on dynojet 424linx.
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BMW E46 320d 136

Hi everybody,

My car is full ori but i'm working for change that :)
In a few days i'll add some photos.

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First Custom remap by me :)
oem injectors
oem cylinder head
custom intake flange
custom intercooler 4lt
custom headers and exhaust
xs dump valve
garrett gtxx56 turbo @40psi (199+hp estimated.. i will look on dyno in my freetime)
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