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honda civic 1,7 cdti

please help identify the map, I do not Damos and check if well done far this soft

I made a map:
driwer wish 76bbo
torque limiter 762f6
smoke map 76366
turbo map 7579a
turbo map 759e2
bost pressure limiter 75660
svbl 7562c
duration map 72de6,78a38,78f20,728fe,78550,78068
raile pressure 7a90c
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406 RHZ EDC15


I looking for optimal REMAP/MAP for 406 RHZ i think a little more power somethin like 100kw a 300 nm but stable !:D all parts STOCK, someone help me please with this ? thx
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SOI maps in EDC16C34


I am trying to find the SOI maps in a EDC16C34 from a Citroen Berlingo 1.6 HDI 65 KW. I attach the Damos I found on this forum and the standard file from my Berlingo. There are 130 maps decripted with this Damos but I cant find anay start of Injection map. Can anyone check if I am doing it right or theis damos does not containd the SOI maps? Anyone has a better ...
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map name what is mean?

hi ıam sorry for bad englih ı have got fiat palio van 1.3 multijet 70ps.ı wantto remap this car. ı will ask some question
injection at part throttle (map1) what is this? what is mean?
tork limiter
tork limiter #2
tork limiter#3 what is mean? why three map ?
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Mini EDC15C4 DDE4.0 Maps

Hi guys.

Looking for some help with EDC15C4 Mini 1.4D D4D engine maps...

Here is what I have come up with so far but pretty sure maps marked as lambda aren't lambda :). Any tips or errors and extra maps would be appreciated... have also included descriptors, maybe if you have descriptor information you could share too?

7792544 ori full.rar

details.png ...
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2007 Ford Focus ST225 map addresses

Hi all been searching for days to find map addresses for my 2007 model Ford focus ST but not had much luck at all. So I thought id start a post for the ST as like I said there isn't much info available for them but there's loads available for the RS which I find weird. My Ecu ID is 0261209048, 1037393284, 6M5Y, 1374....

Here's the map addresses I've found and their factors TO GET ...
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EDC16C31 Opel corsa 1300 cdti 75cv


can some one help me location egr and fap??

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Mercedes A160 1.7 CDI Adress maps

Can anyone help me find maps in my ecu?
Please adress map and size or damos
Nr ecu 000 153 32 79
Bosch nr 0281010427
Soft 351351
HW 14.98
SW 05.00
I want to learn ecu remaping on this car but I dont find all maps
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edc15c7 help

Here are maps whic I found. Can somebody check and correct names and axis?

Thanks in advance.
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Drivers Wish loaction?

Can somebody tel me where is drivers wish map in this file?

Bmw e46 320d 6speed
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