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General map factor question

In general, is there a formula for factors based on eeprom or flash size etc? or do you have to know the max value of the parameter and divide by FFFF? what is the typical way to RE factors?
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I think I have 99% of the maps found and labelled now.
I have a 2004 ford transit, VISTEON ECU.

I am struggling with my SOI map as I cannot figure out the Y axis.

I have seen example of SOI maps where rpm x load or IQ x load.

can anyone help with a factor for Y axis? or at least tell me what parameter the y axis should be?

There are 5 maps, ...
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Map Pack for EDC15C2


Please someone help me to foud a map pack for winols, to my ECU (EDC15C2 Citroen Xantia 90hp HDI Manu al)
I'd like to found configuration switches, and maps for MAP, MAF, EGR, BOOST control, SUSPENSION control switch.
At this moment i have a fixed geometry turbo without intercooler.
In the future i'm planning to replace it with a variable geometry turbo controlled with EGR vacuum solenoid, and also add an intercooler.
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renault clio II (60) maps

hi im having trouble finding maps with my clio im using winols demo so using a file i found on here but cant seem to find the maps i have watches most of vagetunning videos on youtube and found files on edc15 but looking on the delphi system and it seems to be totally different. the reason for wanting to find the maps is i want to turn up the boost manually and want to ...
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Launch control edc15

Hi to everyoane....
Can anyone help me with some info about a launch control?
It`s a Seat leon ARL with Gtb2260vk turbo..
Now with this launch map it do 0.1-0.2 mbar.
Thx in advice
Some info about what rpm it's the best and etc.
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7 bar map sensor calibration for edc15 1.9 tdi

Hi !

I have a problem with calibrate 7 bar map sensor. I'm looking someone for calibrate it, put it to map and i can pay for it if it will be work. I can sand map, this is specification sensor:

Voltage range: 0,5-4,5v
Field of application: 0-7bar
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Axis description profiles

Hi all,

I am currently working on an EDC15C2 off a Peugeot 306 HDI. I would just like to ask if the scale used is always the same, eg for time-

Injection duration z axis in micro seconds.

Glowplug operation time z axis in micro seconds??

Thanks :)
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advance tuning

hi guys, on upgrade tdi nozzle how calibrate content of maps ? ;)
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Renault EDC15C3


Search the PID maps. Can anyone help me?


75F50 LDR upper limit

75F94 LDR lower limit

7607E 3x10 What?
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MED 17.1 - xdf / cat removal

Hi guys

I just started with modifying ECUs. I couldnt find any quick info how to deactivate it.
I need either good xdf file or clue how to remove post cat lambda / error in TunerPro.
Chip TC1796, ECU type 8K2 907 115 AJ - 1037398607
Below is full memory backup.
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