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ECU copy?

Hi guys, have been doing some KESS tuning, but have KESS, KTAG and Galetto to do most of my work...

Have also been doing some custom tuning with WinOLS and ECM Titanium, so i'm not all green off the branch...

BUT, i am wondering... what would be the process of copying a ECU..

I had a Opel Vectra OPC on the dyno the other day and it throws a CAM sensor code, replaced the CAM ...
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Itry to find some informations about turbos.
I want to create guide with turbo parameters like max flow and pressure.
I know, that we can find graphs in internet, but i want to create infos i one place.
Best regards
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K-Tag Repairer needed

Hi guys, my ktag has a internal fault causing a output voltage error message, does anyone know where i can get it repaired? Alientech are being a complete nightmare, just getting a repair order is turning out to be impossible, so i need somebody who can repair it for me.
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DTC remove EDC15C2 help

Hi, can anyone help me to remove fault P1402 of this file?
Thanks in advance
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1.8 20VT AUM Question

Is it possible to flash the stock file of a 180hp Golf/Jetta/Octavia to my AUM (k03s VVT) 150hp Octavia? As far as I know these engines are identical, the only thing that changes is the factory map, the 180hp cars have more boost. Can I download a oem 180hp map and simply flash it on my car with a vagcom cable and nefmoto?
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Reading 1.9TDI EDC15 with mpps

Hello there,

i wanted to ask if it's possible to read the edc15 ecu from a VW Golf IV 1.9TDI 66kw using mpps.
VW hardware number: 038 906 012K

I noticed another post with someone having problems reading the ecu with hardware number ending in 018 so i thought with mine ending in 012 is even older and therefore probably not readable?

I'd really appreciate any help you can provide.
regards alber
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file attachment

Hi all I'm trying to add a file on here and its telling me the extension is not allowed, What am i doing wrong
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Gearbox reprogramming

Hi guys,

has anyone experience how the code of the TF80SC or (AF40) looks like?

Last week we have changed my TF80SC in the Volvo V70. Now we have to rewrite the communication parameters in the TCM.

Any good tdeas?


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fault code edc16c39

hi, could anyone remove or help me locate the switch for fault code p1125 in this edc16c39 please..

VU07ZKT EDC16C39.rar
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Hy guys I am remapping my car since a while and I want to turn off the egr. In vag cars a usual value of 850 turns off the whole map for egr but for HDI I do thick it is a bit different.

I have a map pack and a original file.

the address is 61cc4
but how I see the map it is a bit interesting the max value is 8810 and I ...
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