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Turbochargers for sale

Turbo kits from turbocharger manufacturers have lots of turbochargers for sale. Choose to buy turbocharger to improve your driving experience all the time.
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Delphi MPC 555

Hi people.

I have been playing with mondeo 2.2 155ps MPC 555. Euro4 electronic turbo

This vehicle has large intercooler, larger injectors with 30% more flow straight thro exhaust and a hybrid turbo with larger 56mm housing and has cut back blades.

Problem is cant get boost above 1.5 bar!! Just won't go! I've found 2 boost limiting maps and3 boost maps which have been adjusted and still it won't boost any higher than peak ...
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Problem with Minipro TL866 - 29F010B

I am trying to program my ECU(MSA15) chips with the Minipro TL866 but I am having some problems.
I have already programmed with this programmer but with version 6.50, since I updated to version 6.60 that happens the following:

I open the .bin file with this options:

When I erase:

When I verify if the chip is empty:

When I try to write:

When I try to write without the ...
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Maps for EDC16 are same for all car?

Hello, i need to know if all EDC16 ECU have same map addresses in different cars?
for ex.:
Car: BMW E60 530D
EGR Address: 12345

Car: Mercedes-benz E320 CDI
EGR Address: 12345

can maps be same in different cars, but same ECU's?

I think i explained it as dumb :D
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How to eliminate anti-chip tuning

Hi guys
Is there anyone who can explain me how to eliminate the anti-chip tuning from modern cars like a vag group or bmw?
Thanks :D :D
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Nissan EGR off

Hey there

Could someone help me remove EGR off this Almera 2.2 Di or point out map location?
edc15m+ ecu, original file
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Audi a6 ecu file

Can anyone please tell me if my cars file is already modified or not ?Have pulled it out from my car , can't attache it here but can send it
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Winols 2.24 + good pack damos 9bg

Hi Friends.

I have a winols 2.24 + 9bg damos files.

I can send for you, just mail me.

If someone can help I have one map to develop.

Jose Pires
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EDC16 recovery

Hi guys,
Can you tell me how to repair ECU after bad write via OBD ? I know that I can combine ori file from OBD with file from BDM ( BDM read after bad writing via OBD ), but I don't know how...Can you descibe this in detail ?
Thank you,
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View Maps of Me7

i've read the Maps from my Golf 4 GTI 1.8T Me7.5.
But how can I view the maps? :?
I have WinOls 2.24 (full version), but none of my definition files work correctly.
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