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Check method edc16c31


Could you please check my method for stupid mistakes:
EDC16c31 reading & writing method

Connect KESS V2
Read with k-suite
File is saved without an extension. It can be renamed as a .bin
· Should we do a backup / recovery or something here to save for writing failure?

Load into software, eg winols / siftec / ecm titanium
Do changes
Correct checksum to original file checksum

Connect KESS v2 ...
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compare original and remaped file of Opel zafira Y2.2DTR PS

Someone Can compare my original readed file with the remaped file to see it´s ok or it´s bad?

the original and remaped files
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megasquirt? three rotor? anyone able to tune it?

anyone know anything about the megasquirt 3?

It is running a three rotor all be it poorly, I suggested a link but the guy went megasquirt

anyway was wondering if there was any uk based tuners that could do it?
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Who will help turn off EGR for Velsatis Denso 3,0 ??

Thank you

Best Regards .
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EOI tuning

1. Some says that EOI longer than 5-6°makes little effect for power, but increases EGT.
2. Some says that you must not advance SOI more than 2° than original to not ruin engine.
3. Some says that when you turn EGR OFF you should also advance SOI in EGR range to compensate EGR ignition delay effect.
4. Some says that SOI must not be bigger than 30° BTDC.
5. Some says that EOI must not ...
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Focus ST Mk2 2.5T flash problem

Hey Guys,

first of all sorry if I'm asking anything stupid. I just started to play around the ECU tuning a few weeks ago, so almost everything is very new for me.
I'm trying to modify the SW on the mentioned car in order to get rid of the DTC caused by the wrong lambda values (the system is already not stock and running w/o catalyst).

On the car already a tuned SW is running ...
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Hello everyone ;

This my first post and i want to say that before i post i search and read a lot of things about hotstart mapping ,

so my probleme is my golf V is not starting when it's hot. if cold start without probleme.

and for information if i remove the cooling sensor it start without probleme.

So i decide to dump my ecu and starts with winols. and after some reading thanks ...
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BMW 528 MS42

Does anyone have Bin and XDF files for the MS42. 2000 E39 528
In particular looking for files with functions changed in the programing.
Have done a swap into a E30.
changes requested.
no EWS
rev limit 7100
disable rear O2 sensors
disable speed limit
disable secondary air pump
disable clutch switch

have not done any DME work yet looking forward to guidance here to get my feet wet.

thanks in advance
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N75 maps and misteries.

Dear Members!

I have problems with N75 topic. I don't really know how does it works. What happens in this map? I have basic knowledge about open-close loop, but this topic is quite new for me.
In my family there is an Iveco Daily 3.0 HPi with EDC16C39 which make me crazy. Sometimes it goes to limp, and i think because of missing N75 calibration. So if in my map at the last column (40 ...
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