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sid803a peugeot 407 2.0hdi

I can not correctly identify the torque
does anyone help?
in the file ori+mappack

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Tuning Files Impulse Buy

Hi all,

So I was bored, and half asleep browsing eBay - ended up spending £3.99 on *65,000+* tuning files.

However they're all confusing and make no sense to me.

I'd recently sold my E60 530 and ended up getting a A4 1.9TDi B7 as a run around, accidently ordered some coilovers and I want some more power from it as it's stock I believe.

I have a MPPS v13 cable and the software (I've ...
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Audi A4 1.9 AVF Map

Hi Guys,
I have developed a map for my car, recently fitted a modified BV43 Turbo with larger billet compressor wheel and lightened turbine blades. The car still has stock injectors, it does have a straight through exhaust apart from a cat. No FMIC as of yet however this is a planned upgrade in the near future.
Below I have attached the original map and the one I have developed. I have done calculations for ...
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Which remap for Audi A4 B7 2.0T 2006? Celtic tuning or DMS

Hi everyone. I've just joined the forums and hope somebody can point me in the right direction. I've been thinking of remapping my A4 2.0T 2006 and there are so many companies. Just looking at a stage 1 remap. So far Celtic tuning is looking good with an increase from 200bhp to 261 bhp. DMS comes recommended from a friend who had their Bmw 335 done. Angel tuning is another.

Has anybody used either of ...
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Tuning Ecu for beginners

Hi everyone, would you mind if I know the tool for ecu tuning and remap as beginner level , please ?? :)
I am willing to pay as well if someone could help me how to operate the tool and what should I do for tuning ecu , remap , increase power up etc .

Thank in advance
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SAAB 9-3 ECU reflash with TECH2

Hello ! I have saab 9-3 2002year , 2.0t engine. Never did SPS for saab before so i encountered a following problems. This is my sequence:

1. Requested info from car using TECH2 SPS.
2. Connected to laptop Global TIS SPS, it shows VIN number and that ecu software in saab is 55556282.
3 Can not load software to TECH2 , because i got warning something like "ECM already have newest software installed". VIN change ...
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Hi all please guys check and confirm if my AFR calculation is right ( file attached ) , this will help a lot an outright beginner
Many thanks in advance.
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High psi reading

Hi iv got a map on my golf pd130 mk4 for about 180bhp and on my boost gauge im getting about 28psi and iv been told that much is bad for turbo iv not got a lot of experience on changing things in a map and would some1 be able to tell me wot i change to drop the boost down to a safe limit as i dont really fancy spending out on a new ...
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Vitara 1.9 ddis edc16c39

Hi guys... I want to remap my friends Vitara 1.9ddis 2007 bosch edc16c39 ecu but i have dylema... I read a lot of warnnings about reading and writing this ecu. About loosing injector codes when reading via obd. Or when reading via bdm, it will burn injector drivers? So what you reccomend? I think read and write via obd is best way? But have not bdm backup If injector codes will lost i read it ...
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Audi A4 2.0 TDI EDC17CP20 Sport mode

Hello! is it possible to have the "tune active in only the sport mode".
So orginal, and tuned when is it in sport mode


Audi A4 (8K) 2011
2.0 TDI 143HP (CAGA) Variomatic
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