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Need EGR OFF W202 EDC15C0 C202

I need help.
I need to disable EGR for Mercedes W202 C220 with EDC15C0
I have DTC P1403

0 281 010 222
A 000 153 13 79

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Berlingo 2.0Hdi SID 801 EGR DTC OFF

I have trouble disabling EGR related dtc in this ecu . I read that you need to unplug the egr valve connector to disable egr and delete the dtc that appear but all software for egr off that I have deletes the whole dtc table (maf , ect , etc) I couldn't find anything on the forums for manual solution so I am posting this . The dtc that appear when the connector is unplugged ...
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2.0 tdi pd 140 edc16u34

I am disabling the egr on my friends Volkswagen touran 2.0 bkd edc16u34
I have been following the guide from this forum but i have to make sure that i did it right and found the appropiate 20x1 maps and made the job right.

Both files are attached! could someone have a brief look and say what they think.

Thank you, and best regards
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Hyundai Tucson 2.0 crdi

Hi all, attached i have a read from a 2008 Hyundai Tucson 2.0crdi edc16, This attached file is supposed to have the egr off on it, it was tuned by a professional tuner last week, since then it has refused to start due to egr valve stuck open several times. Egr plug is on because when its disconnected it sets code P0489. Can one of you professional tuners take a quick look at it and ...
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Opel Zafira EGR & CHK

Hello All,

Recently I've recently received Dimsport New Genius with Race 2000 and I've question about checksuming in Race after only hysteresis deletion(Only Test purpouses).

Here is the file before checksum:

and after:

Race 2000 provided good checksum algorithm?

Best Regards
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egr-off vito edc16c31

can you help me with egr off vito edc16c31
thank you
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Golf 5 EDC16 - EGR fault code

Hi all,

Today, friend of mine will come to my place to close/switch off EGR because there is an EGR fault code in his Golf 5 1.9 TDI.

I will connect the car to VCDS and try to erase fault code, and then close EGR by hysteresis... I assume that this wont work, and i'll need to do EGR switch so we can just unplug EGR connector...

So main question is how can I find ...
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Please delete egr E46 330d 2005r

Please could someone delete the EGR function from the attached?
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Need Mazda-CX5 EGR off

Hello everbody,
my friend would like to close only the EGR of his Mazda CX-5, no other modifications.
Could somebody please help?

Mazda CX-5 2.2 175Hp (ECU read with Kess)
-Mazda TDI Denso Renesas
-HW: SH01-188K1-
-SW: SHY5-18881-J
-Upg. SW: SHY5-188K2-J
-Version SW: SH1K-18881-E
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please help with this file...
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