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Mersedes Benz Vaneo 2004, 1.9, 92kw, petrol ecu

Hello. I would like advice how to read mercedes benz Vaneo 2004 years , 1.9 petrol, ECU file. MPPS?Kess?? other metods?
Have problem with Lambda zond 2.
thank you.
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ABC - ms43 - anit bounce counter

wtf that mean ?
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PID controller

Thought i would post this to get some good explanations of what PID controller means, what it does, how do you change it, etc. My understand is only a little about it, and cant find enough info about it on the internet. :|
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Sprinter Maps

Hi guys

I am a relative newbie and just mapping my own vehicle for now but want to move on and need some help. Formerly a slave but now master kit user i can find maps in winols but thing is i want to compare against other examples to be certain I'm getting it right. Is there a place i can go to get this kind of help?

Thanks in advance
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Read Ecu.

I wonder little about the different ways to read Ecu.
Is it these four ways:

Read from Eeprom, remove eeprom and read/write in a EEprom reader?

Read from OBD2, connect to obd2 port and read/write?

BDM, open the ECU and read/write from BDM pads?

Boot mode, read/write from pins in ECU connector, and open ecu to connect to boot mode pad?

Have a got this correct.

Thanks and best regards.
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french-english translation please??

Can anybody translate the following??

MMI CMI-Cartographie
Debit d'injection suivant ARD
Conversion couple
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BBA Reman Review

Used this company twice and both times I have found the overall experience satisfactory. They must be a fairly large concern, lots of customer service but difficult to speak to a technician which is really what Id like to do dealing with technical issues. Found quite expensive but nonetheless ultimately reliable . Didn't like when I had ECU replaced it arrived back with a sticker saying warranty no longer applied so it seems like the ...
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ME 7.x ecu differences

Hello, i hope this is the correct place to post this.

Can any of you advise if there are differences between all the ME series? I have seen 1.8T engines with different ECU series such as ME 7, ME 7.1 and ME 7.5?

I managed to find the ME 7.1 function sheet but i wonder if the other series found on these engines have different functions or additional ones.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi all,

I've looked around the forum to learn a thing or two about all the terms and abbreviations. So far I've come across a lot of information, however I can't seem to find out what "HW" and "HS" are. I believe it has something to do with the identification of the ECU, but I've got no idea where to find mine and of what importance it is.

Thanks in advance.
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