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Tools and programs used for car diagnostics


I've dug out my old programmer for a project its a up-48a made by a company called up&up
I've lost the disk that came with it would anyone have a copy of the software that I could have
as its no longer supported on there site

rgards phil
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VAG KKL Communication

I've got two ECUs here: a Siemens Simos 3PD and a Bosch EDC15P+

They both have a CAN-Bus but only for communication. I wasn't able to get a diagnostic session. I read they both use the K-Line interface for diagnostics. So I tried to do a diag via K-Line.
But apparently VAG does not use the standard K-Line interface but also uses the L-Line for communication. That's why you need special KKL-Interfaces for diagnostics. I ...
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ODIS car update help


I have purchased VAS5054 diag with ODIS 3.0.3 that can do the car units update.

I have also the latest Audi flash DVD, but for god sake... I cannot manage to figure out, how can I do the car units update?

I try to focus on automatic gearbox and engine unit SW update, because I have really the old ones there. But HOW to do the update?

I am loosing my patience... ...
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1.9 tdi atd 100@140 overboost

Hi everybody,

Can You tell me what can cause a problem with my overboosting turbo?

I ask for 1.2bar max and turbo goes up to 1.315. SVBL is set to 2.25bar, but turbo seems to don't care about it and is boosting more than this. I also wanted to ask You about correct values of N75. I think that mine are to high.

I am thinking that maybe it's because of broken N75 valve or ...
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Ford datalogger


Does anybody know witch hw and sw I have to use to do some Ford Focus ST dataloging ? Prefer some sw that works with ELM 327. ;)
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Mondeo MK4 2.0 petrol ECU ESU 412 throttle problem

Hi, I often have to repair ECU MK4 Mondeo 2.0 petrol does not work the throttle, the engine does not respond to the accelerator pedal, working only two cylinders.

I have fifth computer for repair and I do not know what is the problem.
Can anyone help me? This is a common problem these ECU.

I checked throttle driver Tle 7209.

I hace standard DTC P2110, P0607

Best regards. THX
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VCDS and edc16 u34 oxygen sensor values ?

Hi all, I try to monitor 02 values on EDC16 U34 09G906021 AB PD 105 VW and no success :

- vcds 74-3 =0

- group 31 oxygen sensor voltage =0

Any help is welcome !!
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does it a save diagnostic blog?

does anyone view this cardiagnostic area, is it save buying their tools?
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Vag edc16 on bench diagnostic using vcds

Hi guys,

My 2005 bkd engine golf is reading a constant 2139mbar of boost as soon as the ignition is on. I removed the small connector from the ecu and removed all of the wires from the larger connector except those that stopped obd communication, error still remains.

I want to connect the ecu directly on bench to vcds to check if this changes anything, can this be done please
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Peugeot 307 not working PP2000

Good Morning.
I am using the 7.76 version of Diagbox and firmware 4.3.4 in the interface.
I can either connect to my Peugeot 307.
How should I proceed?
Thank you
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